The PHDS 10-20V cordless hammer drill is back in stock!

Please don’t blame yourself: anyone who didn’t set a dowel or two in the summer heat and instead simply left their tool in the box, did the right thing! The PHDS 10-20V cordless hammer drill is now finally available again. With this professional and cordless power tool from Trotec work becomes much easier as this device allows you to effortlessly perform demanding screwing, drilling and hammer drilling applications in concrete and masonry as well as in metal and wood.

Whether you plan to do a roof extension or a wall or kitchen unit installation, the PHDS 10-20V is bound to impress with its maximum torque of 40 Nm and its impact frequency of up to 26,400 rpm with real power striking force. Our new cordless hammer drill takes the required superior power reserves from its energy-saving 20 V exchangeable, premium battery from the Flexpower series – also from Trotec, of course!

The benefits for you at a glance – the PHDS 10-20V cordless hammer drill

  • allows for force adjustment any time you require thanks to its robust 2-speed metal gears and its continuously variable speed control. In this respect, the 20 torque settings, plus a drilling setting and an additional hammer drilling setting, make the PHDS 10-20V the master of versatility for all your applications.
  • allows you to quickly change screw or drill attachments with its quick-action drill chuck. At the same time, the automatic spindle lock offers greater safety thanks to higher tool clamping forces. You can use all conventional screwdriver bits, bit holders and drill bits with a shaft diameter of up to 13 mm.
  • ensures your working safety: the cordless hammer drill is equipped with a quickstop-overrun brake and power-on lock which prevents it from being switched on accidentally. The additional handle, included in the scope of delivery, which can be variably mounted on the left-hand and right-hand side, also ensures accurate drill guidance. And an integrated LED light ensures you will always have a clear, well-lit view of your work area even where there is no space for a work light.
  • also scores highly with its Trotec 20 V exchangeable, premium battery from the Flexpower series. Thanks to its lithium-ion technology, these batteries neither have memory effect nor self-drain, and can be fully recharged in just under an hour using the quick-charging device, which is included in the delivery.
  • provides a secure grip for effortless use even over long periods of operation thanks to its ergonomic design with an optimised centre of gravity and soft-grip inlays. For quicker access, the cordless hammer drill can be mounted and carried along with the belt clip, which is included in the delivery if required.

TÜV-tested and certified quality

You are in safe hands with the PHDS 10-20V as you’ll receive this cordless hammer drill with TÜV-tested quality as a guarantee of its high value, safety and functionality. Of course, the charging devices are also tested and certified by us for proven safety, so that you can always stay on the safe side thanks to Trotec’s brand quality.

The PHDS 10-20V cordless hammer drill – at an unbeatable price again!

Order the new PHDS 10-20V cordless hammer drill including attachable belt clip, two bits, additional handle, quick-charge device and transport case today, reduced from £79.77 to just £51.60 incl. VAT  – now in the Trotec shop!

By the way, to extend the application possibilities of the PHDS 10-20V especially cheap and high quality brand drill sets for drilling in stone, wood or metal are available from Trotec, as are 32 piece screwdriver sets for screwing work!

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