The NEW TDS 30 Electric Fan Heater for indoor heating – back in stock!

TDS 30

It was well worth the wait! The optimal heating solution, the new TSD 30 is now ready for dispatch. The Electric Fan Heater generates its heat completely condensation-free, i.e. without consuming any oxygen or generating any combustion exhaust gases. This means it can be used for heating virtually anywhere indoors, such as in containers, boat sheds, workshops and warehouses. And best of all: the Electric Fan Heater can also be flexibly mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Furthermore, the TDS 30 also boasts side-mounted fixing threads, which can optionally be used to accommodate the wall and ceiling mounts. This means you can place the TDS 30 anywhere in the room. Just one of a whole host of innovative ideas that are included in this device – after all it is 100% developed, designed and manufactured by Trotec.

This is how it works

The TDS 30 Electric Fan Heater produces a heat output of 5.5 kW. In order to generate this heat it requires a heavy current connection. It also has a 10% performance advantage over most of the other competitive models in its category. The hot air flow can be continuously adjusted to exactly the desired temperature using the internal thermostat control, and with its power control with two settings, every room can be optimally temperature-controlled. In addition to features such as the overheating protection or the blower motor equipped with thermal protection, the TDS 30 also boasts as standard a built-in air deflector that optimally carries the flow of hot air outside, thus ensuring maximum efficiency.

Six of many benefits, which I like the most:

  • development, design, manufacture: 100 % Trotec
  • with 5.5 kW, its 10% performance advantage over competitive models
  • 10% more efficient than competitive models – thanks to a standard built-in air
  • deflector for optimised heat dissipation
  • integrated thermostat for a constant flow of hot air
  • fixing option for wall or ceiling mounting
  • condensation-free heat, ideally suited for indoor heating

Finally, no more cold feet!

Opt for the perfect solution for indoor heating: Order the new TDS 30 Electric Fan Heater for the introductory price of only € 79.94 incl. VAT, instead of the standard price of €153.51. – available now in our Trotec shop.

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