TEH Electric Heating Units – smaller and lighter now !

TEH 200 TEH 300

The high-performance TEH Electric Heating Units are among the most powerful mobile electric heaters worldwide. With Trotec products, 100% of the development, design and production takes place in Germany. This means we can guarantee both quality and durability. Units of this size are, for example, used to heat large events, large workshops for aircraft or shipyards and shipping companies or in mining companies, and steel and aluminium smelters.

Compared to the predecessor of the same performance class, the new TEH 200 and TEH 300 Electric Heating Units are now designed significantly smaller in their dimensions and weigh about 30% less, with a volume reduction of about 20%. With even greater mobility and more flexible application options, the advantage is obvious. And because we’ve now made it even easier to change the filters, our units represent a reliable plug & play solution, even for continuous heating applications: Simply set it up, install it, switch it on – ready!

This is how it works

Of course both electric heaters combine the entirely smoke-, flame- and condensate-free generation of hot air. Even though they hardly differ in appearance and in their operating functions, they do clearly differ from each other in their performance parameters. The TEH 200 produces a massive heat output of 40 kW and produces up to 3,000 m³ hot air per hour. The TEH 300 tops this performance again with an 80 kW heat output and hot air production of 6,000 m³. Both heaters now boast compact dimensions of 1,625 x 800 x 1,245 mm (l x w x h) and a weight of only 230 kg (TEH 200) or 250 kg (TEH 300).

Both units have eight different heat settings (from 0 °C to 60 °C), and the controlled multi-stage switching mechanism for air flow and air temperature ensures that a constant ambient temperature is maintained. If even more heat output is required, the TEH units can also be stacked. In addition, the electric heaters are equipped as standard with shock protection frames, crane lift eyes and fork lift slots, as well as transport wheels with brakes. And they are also suitable for air transport distances of up to 100 metres of hose length.

Five of many benefits, which I like the most:

  • now more than 20% smaller and 30% lighter than their predecessors
  • development, design, production all 100% Trotec
  • heat output of 40 kW of the TEH 200 or 80 kW of the TEH 300
  • reliable plug & play solution
  • controlled multi-stage switching mechanism

TEH – the most powerful mobile electric heaters worldwide

If you’re looking for solutions for large-scale heating scenarios, look no further than our new TEH 200 and TEH 300 electric heaters – visit our Trotec shop for more information on these two innovative units!

Furthermore, if you’re just looking for a temporary heating solution, the TEH Electric Heating Units are also available for rent at favourable rates.

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