The best thing for your best friend

SecoSan drinking fountain

A household pet is your best friend. And just as you aim to give it a balanced diet, you also want your cat to live a healthy life. Fresh water every day is part of this. Cats particularly like running water. Because there is a primitive instinct which tells animals that running water is clean. So give your kitty just such a treat every day – with a drinking fountain. The water stays fresh and clean for weeks and months if you add a Trotec SecoSan stick.

The best thing for your best friend

As in human beings, a cat’s cells are 70 percent water. And they need to be kept topped up with water for the animal to remain healthy and active. Outdoor cats like to find their own natural drinking source – whether it be a pool of fresh rainwater, somewhere shallow in a brook, or the dew that gathers on plants. A house cat, however, depends on someone providing it with fresh water every day. And you should change it as often as possible to prevent it from tasting stale. For stagnant water awakes a protective instinct in cats. Since primeval times, animals have learned that standing water conceals risks to their health, for germs and bacteria are quick to form there. Flowing water encourages our furry friends to drink plenty. So why not give your pet the best possible treat and get them a drinking fountain.

Simple for both the cat and you

With a drinking fountain your pet will have a bubbling, healthy  thirst-quencher all day long. And there will be no need for you to keep worrying about whether their bowl needs refilling. And, best of all, a small SecoSan Stick will ensure the water in the fountain is perfectly fresh. This will save you from having to keep cleaning it and changing the water.

How it works

The SecoSan Stick releases silver ions into the water as needed and based on the water volume. They enclose any germs and bacteria to render them harmless. Which means that the water in the fountain remains fresh and pure around the clock. With a SecoSan Stick even ugly, stubborn limescale deposits are a thing of the past. Moreover, using this discreet silver ion store also provides excellent protection for the fountain’s pump.

We have a range of SecoSan Sticks available in different sizes in our Trotec online shop. Think about our special value pack. The SecoSan Stick 1, which keeps up to 0.7 litres of water clean and germ-free for months, is currently available in a three-pack for just £ 7.71! With this offer you can save 72 percent – right now!

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