The B 400 humidifier – finally back in stock!


Ho-ho-ho! – the B 400 humidifier was sold out for a while but now it is back and ready to go. This model proves convincing with both its economical continuous operation and its considerable evaporation output: the device reliably humidifies even large rooms and with a low level of energy consumption. What’s more, the humidifier looks great even in tough environments thanks to its robust construction made of powder-coated sheet steel.

With its evaporation capacity of 60 litres per day, the B 400 reliably humidifies rooms of up to 360 m² with a normal ceiling height. And, best of all: The humidifier provides you with a two-in-one service because it supplements its hygrostat-controlled humidity regulation with a rotating evaporation fleece which also cleans the air. It is made even more attractive again thanks to its pleasantly low level of operating noise and its low energy consumption.

How it works

The disc humidifier draws in air and directs it through a rotating humidification drum which is equipped with an evaporation fleece and moves through a water bath. The air is washed effectively by the continuous rotation and is simultaneously enriched with humidity. The air is then released evenly and condensate-free back into the room at two selectable fan levels. With this rotation technology, regular maintenance can be carried out quickly: All parts can be easily removed and can be washed under flowing water.

The control panel tells you the current filling level of the 34-litre water tank. If there is no more water left in the tank, the B 400 switches off automatically and indicates that the water should be filled up again with a status light. Filling is fully convenient using the filling spout with quick-release fastener located at the top of the device.

Some of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the automatic hygrostat control
  • the air cleaning and humidification provided by the rotating
    evaporation fleece
  • the convenient 2-level fan
  • the auto-off function to care for the device

The B 400 humidifier is back – get yours today!

Enjoy the benefits of our current offer: Order the B 400 today, not for £304.88, but for just £137.18, incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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