The TTK 120 E Dehumidifier – finally back in stock!


Hip-hip-hurray! After a prolonged hiatus after being sold out, we are happy to welcome the return of TTK 120 E due to enormous demand! Just like before, this device proves convincing with its successful combination of a trendy design and innovative drying technology along with tough housing that allows it to handle the toughest operating conditions – conditions after water damage, for example.

Thanks to its robust housing, the TTK 120 E delivers the required characteristics for flexible usage in living spaces, archives or storage rooms. With its dehumidification capacity of 30 litres per day, it reliably keeps rooms of up to 95 m² dry. What’s more, the dehumidifier has an additional SuperDry function so you can dry textiles at an accelerated pace – extremely handy when it comes to getting wet sheets, clothes or even carpets ready for use again in the quickest time possible.

How it works

In addition to the continuous drying mode, which is of course needed for the SuperDry function, you can also select the automatic hygrostat control. Here you simply enter the desired humidity value on the digital display of the TTK 120 E – and the device takes care of the rest with full automation. In addition, you can also have current values of the room’s prevailing air temperature and humidity shown on the device display for climate control during operation. Other equipment features of the TTK 120 E include an electronic defrosting system, a filling level warning light when the water container is full, the overfill protection with auto-off function as well as the easy-to-clean, reusable air filter. All this convenience is complimented by a semi-transparent condensate container with 10-litre capacity which usefully reduces the amount of emptying required.

In case regular manual emptying of the condensate container is not possible, for example during unsupervised continuous drying operation of the dehumidifier in weekend homes or on boats, the TTK 120 E is equipped with an integrated hose connection for the direct removal of condensation.

Some of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the SuperDry function
  • the automatic hygrostat control
  • The digital display of the air temperature and humidity values
  • the automatic electronic defrosting system

Get the TTK 120 E – now for a bargain sale price!

Order the TTK 120 E today, reduced from £525.36 to just £228.40 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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