TDS 10 M Electric heater – makes sure of warm feet when barbecuing!

TDS 10 M Ceramic Fan Heater

Spring is is in the air a little more every day and barbecues are are already being fired up here and there. While the outdoor burgers are being being cooked to perfection on the grill, people are still occasionally warming their hands from the barbecue fire. Caution is advised! If the weather suddenly takes a cold turn, anyone not taking care of themselves can end up with a heavy cold. That’s where the precaution we’re offering comes in – the TDS 10 M. It keeps even your feet nice and warm at the table!

Extremely annoying! Starting the new season by getting so cold that you might have to cover up in bed for days on end again. Of course, this has happened to us all at least once. But “once bitten, twice shy” – and a cold bite is easy to avoid in this case: With our electric heater, you can provide nice warm air at the barbecue table which is cheap and – most importantly – fast. Never talk about cold feet again!

This is how it works

The TDS 10 M heats air extremely fast with its durable PTC ceramics. Unlike devices that use heating filaments, this ceramic fan heater doesn’t burn any dust and therefore doesn’t fill the air with added fine dust – a real plus, and not just for allergy sufferers! Other highlights of this heating marvel: the ceramic PTC register automatically regulates the power input depending on the room temperature, protects against overheating, produces intensive warmth with a maximum heating output of 2kW and runs remarkably smoothly  In addition, you can set the warm air flow to the desired temperature thaks to the integrated variable thermostat control.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • two-level temperature control
  • integrated thermostat for a constant flow of hot air
  • protection against overheating and the blower engine with thermal protection
  • ceramic PTC register

As snug as a burger in a bun: Barbecuing in warmth!

With this both elegant and smart heating solution, you will always have the right place to sit outdoors – in the warmth. Order the TDS 10 M Electric Heater for £ 13.70 instead of  £ 35.41  incl. VAT – available in our Trotec shop!

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