Best climate, healthy sleep!

Fresh air, healthy sleep

Fresh air, healthy sleep: The formula is easy when comes to proper sleep. However, quickly airing out the room before bedtime often doesn’t help much. And damp towels which are left hanging over radiators influence the air conditions in the bedroom only for a short time.

Using an evaporation humidifier from Trotec ensures your hours of recuperation are pleasant. That’s because these mobile devices automatically regulate the air humidity and offer you an optimal sleeping climate – throughout the whole night.

Best climate, healthy sleep!

Have you ever spent a night in an overheated room? Then you know the results. The next morning you feel wretched, there’s a buzzing in your head and you feel groggy and drained. It isn’t very pleasant if the temperature in the bedroom is too low either. Until you fall asleep you lie huddled under the blanket feeling the chill instead of gently nodding off to sleep. 18 degrees Celsius is a comfortable temperature for sleeping. That’s according to the experts. But it doesn’t only have to do with the temperature. The humidity in the bedroom has to be right so that you can sleep deeply and soundly and recuperate completely and fully.

Take a deep breath please

A person spends around one third of their life in their bedroom. It is therefore essential to place special value on comfortable conditions and a healthy environment there. Especially in the colder months, it is difficult to ensure a healthy humidity level. That’s because the colder the air, the less humidity it can hold. At the same time, it is advisable to maintain a humidity level of between 40 and 60 per cent in the bedroom. The right humidity in the room is also good for breathing. Oxygen can be transported to the blood stream more easily and mucus membranes – like the inside of the nose – are protected from drying out.

Comfortable conditions are no matter of chance

Some people leave damp towels on radiators to tackle dry air in the bedroom. Other people turn to additional room plants because water evaporates from their pots. However, this does not regulate the humidity reliably. Comfortable conditions are left to chance. Use reliable technology so that you can be sure of getting healthy and invigorating sleep. With an evaporation humidifier from Trotec, you are on the side of certainty for all circumstances. These mobile high-performance devices don’t just guarantee humidification of the air. Their inbuilt filters also provide clean conditions. Dust particles and annoying smells are gone within a few minutes. This means you can breathe safely, deeply and easily.

The humidifiers from Trotec are available in many designs. For your bedroom, we recommend the B 200 eco or the B 400. With the B 200 eco, dry air is sucked in and humidified using an evaporation filter block. At the same time, mineral residues are filtered out of the air. In addition, the air is cleared of dust particles and smells using an active carbon filter. All the most important components are replaceable so that you can re-equip your humidifier at any time.  The B 400 hygrost-controlled disc humidifier directs the air-it sucks in through a rotating humidifying drum which is equipped an evaporation fabric and moves through a water bath. The choice is yours and you can find the model for a comfortable climate that suits you. In the Trotec shop you can find the right humidifier starting from £ 144.48 incl. VAT..

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