T3000 firmware update for more precise measurement results


Our T3000 multifunction measuring meter is suitable for many applications in the construction industry, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation, laboratories, climate technology, for architects, experts etc. For an optimized usage and more precise and reliable measurement results two things in the firmware have been improved. You are pointed to the update automatically when using MultiMeasure Studio with your connected T3000.

Reflection of the key for the matrix view

Although the T3000 multifunction measuring meter is only a few months old we could realize the first firmware improvement with the help of the users. One of them is the presentation of the key for the matrix view that now is, because of the concern of many customers, reflected to the horizontal axis. This presentation principle is much more plausible to the user because you intuitively interpret the colour gradient ascending from “dry” to “wet” and from bottom to top. The so far reversed representation sometimes led to confusions.

Improved moisture measurement at strong electrolytic materials

When measuring strong electrolytic materials sometimes special measurement effects come up which can falsify a moisture measurement what the user doesn’t even notice. To prevent such mistakes a specially optimized measured value calculation has been installed. Falsified measurement results, caused through special material compositions, cannot occur anymore.

T3000 – the new generation of multifunction measuring meters

For determining energy efficiency, failure analysis, climate control and many more things the handy T3000 is suitable for all applications of the construction industry, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation, laboratories as well as experts. It collects, measures and documents moisture, temperature, air flow and many other values with different sensors. Because of the “MultiMeasure” principle combined measurements can be done what enables faster and easier working. For a permanent product optimization Trotec makes regular firmware updates with help of the customers. Thus, we want to say thank you for your support!
When you have any suggestions or improvement suggestions we are looking forward to your feedback!

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