Wait with us for your first Christmas present…


…because we already have one for you on 20 December. This year our deal wears the Christmas hat. When you order the new dehumidifier TTK 31 E or the new dehumidifier TTK 71 E now you get more than 10 per cent discount on the already rebated price – and for that you don’t even have to wait two weeks.

It is very easy: Order the TTK 31 E or TTK 71 E today, wait until the device is delivered to you on 20 December and get an additional 10 Euro discount.

Perfectly shaped and efficient

Both dehumidifiers, the TTK 31 E and the TTK 71 E, convince at first sight with their noble and stylish look but there are many other convenient functions. For example, they have an adjustable hygrostat which turns on the dehumidifier automatically when the chosen humidity is exceeded. On the one hand there is a constant humidity then, on the other hand the dehumidifier is suitable for unattended operation and you can adjust the timer for turning off. The operating range temperature lies between 5 and 35 °C and the operating range humidity between 49 and 100 % RH.
With the laterally placed grips the dehumidifier TTK 31 E as well as the dehumidifier TTK 71 E can quickly be transported from A to B.
Energy-saving and powerful the TTK 31 E dries up to 12 litres in 24 hours, the TTK 71 E even dries with 24 litres twice as much in the same time. It doesn’t matter if you dehumidify your living or bedroom, your hobby room or the children’s room; with the digital display you adjust the dehumidifier quickly and easily!

10 Euros discount when you order now and wait until 20 December for your new dehumidifier

At a list price of 184.95 Euros we offer the TTK 31 E for only 129.95 Euros. With the deal you only pay 119.24 Euros.
The dehumidifier TTK 71 E has a list price of 249.95 Euros. Our offer is 149.95 Euros and if you order now only 139.24 Euros.
What are you waiting for? Make yourself a gift before Christmas and use our deal for the TTK 31 E or TTK 71 E.
We wish you a merry Christmas!

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