Summer Renovations – The Extended Trotec Series 1/4

Spring Renovations

Before the summer finally sets in, we still have two or three weeks to complete any refurbishment work and get our houses and apartments into shipshape.

That’s why, as part of out big four-part aeries, Trotec is showing you how to refurbish your home anew and get things set up nice and comfortably. This is worth doing this so that, regardless of whether you’ll soon be travelling away on holiday or spending your time off on staycation, a more beautiful home will await you.

Tips and tricks for a completely new living atmosphere

With little effort, you can provide your home with a whole new outfit by cleverly selecting and placing decorative items. You can pep up your old sofa with cushions in contrasting colours. Combining them with an alluring soft blanket will give you an unbeatable decorative duo. You can create extra flare with a personal photo wall, smart candle holders and stylish vases. You can top this all off with a highlight: one or two original house plants, a type that not everyone owns.

As our next step, it’s time to consider new curtains – bright colours are ideal here for achieving an especially summery effect. Perhaps you can also make use of floor-length drapes with a guide rail along the ceiling as a flexible room divider. Using tension curtain rods is especially popular: these allow you to install a light window curtain in a few minutes without having to drill, glue or damage the window frame.

Want to try new colours and varnishes?

The old tiles in the bathroom or kitchen can be easily painted over with tile varnish or quickly spruced up with waterproof tile stickers. And if you want to give your whole apartment an entirely new look and feel, you should consider painting the walls. For figuring out the required amounts of varnish and paint as well as tiles and laminates, you are best off relying the ruler of the 21st century – our tried-and-tested BD20 distance meter. With this handy measuring device, you can detect distances, areas and volumes at the touch of a button quickly and conveniently and with laser precision, even in hard to reach places. Thanks to its error-free results, you can optimally calculate your requirements for working materials, such as wall paint, parquet or tiles.

The BD20 laser distance meter – makes renovations easier

Enjoy the benefits of its precise and instantaneous measurement of distances, areas and volumes and its easy handling thanks to soft-touch shortcut buttons. Order the BD20 Laser Distance Meter today for £ 33.83 instead of £ 67.70 incl. VAT while you still can – in our Trotec Shop now!

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