High performance, lower price

Industrial dehumidification

Whoever wants top quality, especially with industrial dehumidifiers, shouldn’t try save too much on price. But this is now possible and the savings are significant! That’s because Trotec is putting a range of DH 95 S demonstration models on offer again. For you this means an especially favourable deal on the best dehumidification for keeping stored goods dry while preventing damage from mould and rust.

Theses demonstration models have only been unpackaged for demonstration purposes and therefore have seen just a few hours of operation – if any at all. Nonetheless, every model is checked from head to toe in advance. That’s a guarantee!

High performance, lower price

Effective dehumidification, extremely low-maintenance and easy to operate. That’s the good reputation that the DH 95 S industrial dehumidifiers enjoy. By using this professional dehumidifier, you can expect optimal protection against dampness and corrosion – especially in industrial processes. It dehumidifies up to 130 litres per day and is particularly hard-wearing and reliable. The integrated hot air defrosting system guarantees you efficient operating to maintain dryness without any periodic defrosting breaks in which no dehumidification takes place. In addition, you also have the choice of putting the device into continuous operation or letting it be controlled by the inbuilt hygrostat.
The inbuilt condensate pump is also especially useful as it disposes of the water – through several building floors if necessary.

Bargain hunters in mind

The performance and the design are optimal – and the price is close to perfection. This is because the DH 95 S is once again available in the Trotec online shop as an especially discounted demonstration model. These devices have been unpackaged only for demonstration purposes. Therefore, they have only seen a few operating hours or none at all. You are also unlikely to come across any traces of usage. That’s why DH 95 S demonstration models can undoubtedly be considered as good as new. Trotec of course examines every device to check its electronics, housing and water disposal as well as error-free functioning. You will receive a one-year guarantee as part of the delivery.

The benefits for you – your BARGAIN

  • Effective dehumidification performance of 130 litre/day
  • Extremely maintenance and service-friendly construction
  • Mobile usability thanks to smaller dimensions, lower weight and its transport castors
  • Best quality at demo model price – plus a one-year guarantee

Check out the Trotec online shop, your BARGAIN is waiting for you there. The DH 95 S industrial dehumidifier DH 95 S is available for purchase as a demonstration model for £ 1,791.52 incl. VAT. However, stocks are limited. So the rule is: first come, first dry.

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