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Portable and stationary units for air dehumidification, air purification and heating for shipbuilding and in shipyards: with the equipment it offers, the Trotec Group is also the specialist in this field. For this reason, our staff from Trotec and TKL – the Rental Division – will be attending “Maritime Industry”, the trade fair for shipbuilding and shipping in Gorinchem/Netherlands, from 2 to 4 June 2015. We offer solutions for the maritime industry: individual consultation and the right products in the fields of dehumidification, air purification and measurement technology – for purchase and also for rent. Have a look yourself!

When it comes to portable and stationary dehumidification solutions for industry, skilled trades and construction, Trotec is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-quality and efficient equipment. The maritime industry is one of the many industries whose specialists place their trust in solutions from Trotec. Here process optimisation in shipping companies and cargo facilities has to do with optimum dehumidification, purification and heating of air. For this reason, our staff will be present from 2 to 4 June 2015 at “Maritime Industry 2015”, the trade fair for shipbuilding and shipping in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. Here, 500 manufacturers, planners and service providers will present their activities in the fields of ships’ accessories, ship repairs, maritime engines and cargo facilities.

The ideal machines when things get wet

The main concern in the maritime industry is to be able to produce high-quality and efficient work under rough conditions. Above all, this means coping with wet conditions and low temperatures in the shipyard. This is where Trotec and TKL come in, offering high-performance equipment for air dehumidification, heating, ventilation, air purification and, of course, measuring instruments for reliable testing of the air quality.

Let’s have a closer look at this. An overview:

  • Dehumidification in a shipyard: Here, TTR adsorption dehumidifiers from Trotec do a very good job even at low temperatures. Further powerhouses in the area of dehumidification are the Trotec DH Series of industrial condensation dehumidifiers. The conditions in the shipyard dictate which technology should be used. Our staff will ensure that you receive an individual, in-depth consultation!
  • Optimum heating: Because working in the right temperatures also plays an important role in the maritime industry, Trotec also offers the best solutions for this – for example, with the TEH Series electrical heating units.
  • The various TFV Series high-performance ventilators are ideal for the widest variety of ventilation applications. Because of the enormous pressure they generate, they guarantee air transport over long distances. Explosion protection versions of the TFV ventilators are also available. These portable ATEX high-pressure radial ventilators are ideal for applications in which explosion hazards can occur at alternating sites or temporarily, for example during tank cleaning, in port facilities, refineries, shafts and silos.
  • Best air quality: Our high-performance TAC Series air purifiers ensure the protection of employees as well as of the equipment and the paint layers of the ships, and all that while achieving the performance required for dust class H!
  • Reliable controls: To ensure sustained optimum air quality, the values must be checked regularly. Trotec also offers various measuring instruments and data loggers for this purpose.

Buy or rent? This is a question visitors will also be able to ask at “Maritime Industry 2015”. Because staff from TKL will also be available to inform visitors about the practical and economical conditions for renting our equipment.

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