Serve the best water

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It is well-known for wines and fine spirits: you choose a particular type, try it and savour it. You will be amazed, because the same now applies for your favourite drink – pure water. In more and more nice restaurants and hotels, experts are showing us how it’s done. These trained connoisseurs are called water sommeliers. They show us the role of minerals in mineral and still water and tell us which varieties complement certain foods.

Experience your own water tasting session at home. A cool drop of water that has been stored with a SecoSan stick from Trotec must be part of your selection.

Serve the best water

Have you ever been to a wine tasting? Did you enjoy the tastes and the differences, sometimes distinctive, sometimes subtle? Brilliant! Then you certainly agree that some wines taste best with food, and some can be a fine accompaniment in the evening. Anyone who selects and tastes promising wines can quickly find out their preferences and share their enjoyment of wine. The same is true for water. There are many differences and many flavours in the different waters on offer. It’s worth giving them a try.

Water sommeliers are leading the way

It’s not only wine tasting that is extremely popular. Water tasting is the next big thing. Mineral and still waters are most popular amongst gourmets. The trend for drinking water has been gaining in popularity for a long time. Increasingly, this isn’t just down to water’s health benefits and energy-boosting effect. For many, water is a pure and natural flavour. More and more often, you are faced with the question ofwhich water is best suited for you and which water should be served with certain foods. The water trend has created a profession: the water sommelier, someone who can provide the answers to all your questions about drinking water.

Different tastes – many varieties.

A water sommelier serves the fine taste of water in upmarket restaurants and hotels. He proves that water is not just water. Generally, he serves more than 20 varieties from diverse countries. A rule of thumb for us laymen: carbonating water neutralises the flavours. So water with higher levels of carbonic acid and minerals goes well with strongly spiced dishes. Still water on the other hand is subtle and therefore allows the flavours of light, delicate-tasting dishes to come through. Still and, at most, medium-carbonated mineral water is also well-suited as an accompaniment to good wines.

A matter of good taste

Try it out for yourself and become your very own water sommelier. Ideally, start out with a small selection of different waters. Sip the water and taste it consciously on your tongue. This is how you discover the taste. In your selection of water types you should not forget one good variety: the water straight from your tap. There are significant flavour differences in tap water depending on the hardness and the source of the water. Some tap water tastes full-bodied or spicy, some refreshingly neutral and some, in contrast, slightly metallic. To ensure your water stays fresh for a long time and to allow it’s pure taste to develop, store it with a SecoSan stick from Trotec.

The taste of water

The SecoSan stick keeps your water clear and pure and constantly protects against germ formation with the help of silver ions. This way, your water will taste wonderfully fresh – almost as if from a mountain spring. You can order SecoSan sticks from the Trotec online shop. They are available in various sizes, so you can always bring your desired amount of water to the table. Attention: we’ve got some special savings offers ready for you.

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