Steinel 2300 W hot air blower – hot tips for better use

Steinel 2300 W Hot Air Gun

Hot air blowers like the Steinel 2300 W are amongst the best all-rounders in the tool box: from shrinking and bending to burning, staining, soldering and loosening to drying and firing – this jack of all trades can do all this and more. Read on for some great application tricks which DIY-enthusiasts can use in future to make their work faster and easier …

1. Hot air – use in manual trades

With a hot air blower like the Steinel 2300 W you can:

  • warm up plastics, making them more flexible and more workable
  • connect pipes and tubes by shrinking them
  • use bitumen for roof repairs with much greater ease
  • dissolve paints, activate glues and shorten drying processes

2. Hot air – use in renovation works

Use hot air effectively to:

  • loosen varnishes, wallpapers and glue residues
  • bend plastics and copper
  • stain wood and warm up bitumen
  • solder roof gutters
  • dry and harden diverse materials

3. Hot air – use in electronics

Use our hot air guns like a professional to:

  • solder and desolder
  • strip and shrink cable
  • in doing this, work carefully and always use the correct attachments

4. Hot air – use in recycling

With hot air you can desolder only the electronic components made from damaged circuit boards by:

  • using a reduction nozzle, clamping the circuit board in a vice and heating the solder joints up to around 280 °C, then removing the part with pliers.

5. Hot air – use in a car

When using car window films and foil application on cars, hot air allows for more easy handling, because it:

  • guarantees excellent adhesion to the base surface during application
  • softens the adhesive layer during removal so that the film can be easily removed

6. Hot air –  use in tiling

Remove individual tiles or valuable old décor without damage using the hot air fan together with the TilexPro-System from Trotec:

  • adjust the system chamber of the TilexPro to the size of the tile to be removed, position and warm up with the hot air fan
  • next, remove the tiles from the underfloor without damaging them and when the renovation works are complete, replace them

More information about our innovative TilexPro-System can be found here…

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