Quality water for baby food


Mums have hardly stopped weaning their babies when the question arises as to whether tap water is really appropriate for the baby’s thirst, for milk bottles and their first food. The answer is definitely Yes! But before you spend time boiling the water to be sure that all the germs are dead, you can also just turn to a Trotec SecoSan stick. Because this reliably combats germs and bacteria in the water.

In Germany, nothing that is eaten or drunk is controlled more tightly than drinking water. The extremely strict quality guidelines in the Drinking Water Ordinance need to be complied with. Samples are regularly taken from different locations, from water catchment to drinking fountains, and subjected to chemical and microbiological tests. The process of preparing water is very carefully monitored and checked in Germany’s waterworks to ensure that we have a constant flow of clean water to our taps at home.
But because germs and bacteria can still form at any time, for example if you fail to replace or clean the aerator at home, experts always advise you to use boiled water for making up bottles of milk and baby food. Better safe than sorry.
However, you can save yourself this trouble. Just use fresh, pure SecoSan water to make up your baby’s drinks and meals!

Certified quality

The SecoSan stick is a small silver ion storage unit that acts against germs and bacteria in the water. The process is absolutely food safe, and its effectiveness is proven. SecoSan sticks are CE-certified and tested to ensure they are suitable for drinking water. Objective laboratory tests have shown that using SecoSan sticks has no negative effect on the taste of the water. On the contrary! SecoSan water always tastes fresh and pure, even when it has been stored for a lengthy period.

Do yourself and your family a favour, and choose a healthy SecoSan stick from now on. In this way, you can be sure that your family are enjoying the very best of nature, and the best water. You will find SecoSan sticks of various sizes in our Trotec online shop. Depending on how much fresh water you want to keep on standby. Drop in there now and take a look. We’ve got some special savings offers there for you.

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