Technology keeps running

Keep cool

Especially in summer, frequent outages occur in computer centres and server rooms in particular. The reason is clear: The rooms are not adequately cooled and this overloads the equipment.

In order to play it safe, such sensitive rooms ought to have air conditioning. The commercial air conditioning units of the PortaTemp series cool air in hardly any time at all and ensure the best conditions. Always ready for optimal air conditioning – your technology will thank you!

Technology keeps running

In summer it gets particularly hot in computer centres and server rooms. The rooms are usually poorly ventilated and this is added to by the devices emitting heat. Such conditions are not good at all for sensitive technology. Even if the IT components are set up in such a way that they suck in as much fresh air as possible, it is not sufficient in most cases. Effective air conditioning of these rooms is essential for you to be able to leave the equipment running and rely on it. This means that an air conditioning unit has to be installed to provide cool air to every part of the room. This reliable production of cold air is provided by the air conditioning units of the PortaTemp series from Trotec. Bringing you cool air for professional use!

Need cooling?

The high-performance PortaTemp series cooling units are especially designed for the temporary cooling of commercial and industrial spaces. If the summer heat isparticularly intense, then it can be expected that even a server room that is well darkened and shielded will get really hot. This necessitates quick cooling, otherwise the IT equipment will soon get damaged. The consequence is outages, meaning a hindrance to work and, in the worst of cases, customer needs going unfulfilled for extended periods of time. Prevent such a heat outage from occurring and keep a PortaTemp air conditioning unit at the ready. As soon as temperatures rise, you are equipped.

Cooling in peak hours

Always ready – that’s the motto of the commercial air conditioning units of the PortaTemp series from Trotec. That’s because thanks to the high-performance units, cold air is only a push of a button away and without the effort of installation. Thanks to their compact dimensions, these mobile cooling packages fit through every door and into any lift. This means they can always be comfortably brought to wherever they are needed to provide cooling. The cooling devices are available in various different designs: as a split-room air conditioner, air-cooled or water-cooled and also as a single-block air conditioner with exhaust hose. Better alternatives are few and far between. The split air conditioner PT 6500 W is optimally suited for use in environments that often change. Once placed in the server room it is ready for use in hardly any time at all. Within a few minutes the PortaTemp air conditioning unit cools the room’s air down to as low as 10 degrees Celsius – with thermostat-controlled continuous operation of course. The unique water cooling circuit of the PortaTemp W models is especially advantageous for very fast and uncomplicated installation. It allows the heat exchanger to be installed easily and quickly up to 40 metres away from the air conditioning unit. The connection sets of the PT 6500 W PortaTemp air conditioning unit has high-quality quick-sealing connections for express installation of the water and power feeds between the heat exchanger and air conditioning unit. If you need pinpoint cooling, the PT 6500 W unit offers you a practical spot cooling option. With the air output distributor, you can direct the cooled air to the desired target via transport hoses.

Cool, cooler, PT 6500 W!

  • Cooling of room air to as low as 10 °C
  • Especially robust construction
  • Ready for use within minutes
  • Immediate cooling effect
  • Spot cooling option

We hire out to provide the right climate to you for your equipment

If you need help for cooling server rooms or computer centres, we are certain to have the right solution for you. Talk to us at +49 2452 962160 or order through our TKL rental portal!

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