PAC 2010 E / 2610 E air conditioning units: All-rounders with a cool design – finally available for delivery again!

Behind the impressive design of the air conditioners PAC 2010 E and PAC 2610 E are a real space-saving miracles, because thanks to their ultra-compact construction you can find space for them even in the smallest niche of your home. And best of all: As 3-in-1 air conditioners, they have a ventilation and dehumidification function alongside the cooling function and therefore equip you perfectly for all escalating changes we are about to see in the weather. Both devices are identical in construction – except for the different cooling and dehumidification capacities.

Depending on requirements or room size, with the PAC 2010 E / 2610 E air conditioners and their different cooling and dehumidification capacities you have the following alternatives:

  • With its cooling capacity of 2.1 kW and a dehumidification capacity of 24 litres a day, the PAC 2010 E is ideal for rooms up to 65 m3.
  • With its cooling capacity of 2.6 kW and a dehumidification capacity of 34 litres for rooms up to 85 m3, the PAC 2610 E ensures a pleasant living climate.

The benefits at a glance – the PAC 2010 E / 2610 E air conditioners …

  • three operating modes (cooling, ventilation, dehumidification) and three ventilation levels.
  • reliably ensure optimal cooling in permanent operation with automatic mode. If the “Automatic” setting is chosen in fan mode, the air conditioner also independently regulates the fan speed depending on the ambient temperature.
  • functions such as operating modes, room temperature, 3 ventilation levels and automatic fan can be controlled with the wide-range IR remote control. These can also be regulated directly using the convenient membrane keypad on the units.
  • a timer function for time-controlled activation and deactivation – a convenient solution if the devices are used primarily at certain times, for example in the evening.
  • a night mode which gradually increases the temperature and completely shuts off the LED display to prevent disturbance by unnecessary light for a restful night’s sleep.
  • equipped with a self-cleaning function: If the devices are not needed for an extended period of time, the condensation can be removed from the air conditioning unit by means of this function – this way storage is no problem.
  • the condensation tanks need only be emptied occasionally, in contrast to many other air conditioners, because an intelligent recycling system uses the condensed water to cool the condenser, meaning a large proportion of the condensate evaporates.

PAC 2010 E / 2610 E air conditioners – Intertek-approved brand quality!

You can get these Trotec products in Intertek-tested quality as a guarantee of high value, safety and functionality. Decide which of our two new 3-in-1 air conditioning units best meets your requirements and order today at our current offer price:

incl. VAT – now available at the Trotec shop!

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