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Companies that produce veneer, as well as workshops that process veneer, absolutely have to ensure that this sensitive product is stored correctly. If sheets of veneer are stored in too humid conditions, they become uneven and can develop foxing stains or even go mouldy. In storerooms with air that is too dry, the veneer panels can quickly become brittle and cracked and deform. Experts recommend a temperature of 15 to 18 °C and an air humidity between 65 and 75 per cent. This is the only way to ensure that the sensitive products remain protected and reach the customer in the best possible condition. With support from technology from Trotec you can create the optimal storage conditions for veneers. The powerful humidifiers from Trotec provide reliable humidification in large halls. The compact Trotec airwashers are best suited to protecting smaller inventories. And what’s more: The employees also benefit from both series. Because all models also clean the air.

Dealing with veneer is delicate work. Anyone who has ever placed a flower pot on a piece of furniture finished with high-quality veneer will know that. The veneer absorbs the moisture of the clay pot and within a few days forms ugly stains and becomes uneven. But it is not just moisture that has a harmful effect on veneer. Drying out also has serious consequences. Because if for example you place a piece of furniture in a sunny spot, where the warmth dries out the material, cracks will form quickly. Anyone who wants to enjoy the premium natural product for a long time absolutely has to ensure that the room’s temperature and humidity are kept at an appropriate level. Experts recommend a stable ambient temperature of 15 to 18 °C and an air humidity of 65 to 75 per cent. That does not just go for the end-user. Most of all manufacturers of sheets of veneer and companies that process veneers have to ensure that the product is stored under optimal conditions. Trotec helps you with elaborate humidification systems. The choice is relatively simple: The mobile and powerful evaporation humidifiers are used in larger warehouses. The effective airwashers of the AW-S series are suitable for use in smaller areas.

Reliable humidification in larger halls

Even during the production of sheets of veneer, humidity plays a large role. Eventually the raw materials are stored in a damp condition and processed by boiling or steaming. The dampness ensures that the material remains smooth. After that the sheets of veneer are dried – but not dried out. As they would then become brittle and cracked and distort. The remaining moisture is retained for an optimal smoothness and must also be maintained during storage. The evaporation humidifiers from Trotec release exactly the amount of water that is needed into the air in the veneer warehouse. You simply enter the desired moisture value and the humidification runs automatically at the push of a button. All disc humidifiers are controlled by a hygrostat and suck in the indoor air. This is led over a humidification drum that is equipped with an evaporation fleece and rotates through a water bath. As it constantly rotates, the air is enriched with moisture. After that it is blown out. It is important that this happens without producing any precipitation. You can easily adjust the blow out direction so that your veneers get the benefit of the humidified air but do not come in direct contact with water. Since the formation of condensation and over-humidification of the air are also prevented with the devices from Trotec.

The power pack

Automatic, consistent and at the same time powerful humidification, without forming drops: This is what the B 400 humidifier from Trotec is for. It stands out with a particularly high performance. The B 400 manages to enrich 800 cubic metres of air with moisture per hour. The powerful technology and the robust construction made from powder-coated sheet steel guarantee a long life for the disc humidifier. Its fan with two settings, automatic shut-down and many other performance features make it a truly professional piece of equipment in the field of humidification. What’s more, it impresses with an economical continuous operation. This prevents high electricity bills.

The benefits of the B 400 humidifier

  • Clear control panel with hygrostat and fan regulator plus status displays
  • Rotating evaporation fleece reliably humidifies the indoor air and cleans it of dust
  • Fan with two settings
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Adjustable outlet grille
  • Robust construction made from powder-coated sheet steel

Effective technology for smaller inventories

In workshops where veneers are processed, the stores turn out not to be as large as in production plants. But even here you should ensure that the sensitive goods are stored under optimal conditions. Ultimately damage to the material here will also mean production outages and therefore unnecessarily high costs. For these smaller rooms, it is best to use the AW-S series of airwashers from Trotec. Both the AW 10 S and the AW 20 S are your new small, but strong partners, when you are dealing with the humidification of indoor air. What makes them practical is that the small power packs can be used as mobile units. Should the storage of veneer be only temporary, the airwashers can in the meantime be deployed in offices or in other storage areas.

Protecting employees

The humidifiers and airwashers offer another advantage that should not be underestimated. All the models not only humidify the indoor air, they also filter it. Dirt particles such as wood dust, pollen and dust are also sucked in and captured thanks to the high-quality technology. The employees will thank you for it!

The benefits of the AW-S series of airwashers

  • 3-in-1 combined device with odour removal, air cleaning and humidification
  • The display of the relative air humidity
  • Plasma generator for eliminating odours and harmful substances in the air in the room
  • Various operating modes plus whisper-quiet Night Mode
  • A large water reserve (9 litres) for long applications without servicing
  • Can be used with tap water – expensive, distilled water not needed
  • Variable blow-out control for room adjustment in line with demands
  • Plasma function for eliminating odours

Other benefits that the AW 20 S offers:

  • Intelligent combined sensor for measuring humidity and air quality at the same time allows energy saving automatic operation
  • The replaceable prefilter reliably frees the air of coarse house dust or animal hairs
  • HEPA filter function can be activated for maximum air cleaning efficiency: The HEPA filter filters out fine particles like pollen, mite excrement, fungal spores, dust and fine dust
  • 3-stage light signal displays the air quality in the room (Blue, Yellow, Red)

The suitable model for any need

Trotec has all models of the humidifier and airwasher series ready to order at fair prices in the Online shop. Whether it is for large warehouses or rooms for smaller veneer inventories: Make your choice and order today. The B 400 humidifier is currently just £319.79 instead of £119.89. The AW 20 airwasher is available for £319.79 instead of £399.74.

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