Best before – no limits

Best before

On bottles of mineral water and tetrapack cartons there is always a best-before date. This is required by law because they contain a consumable product. It sounds a bit paradoxical.

After all, natural mineral waters come from subterranean sources which are protected from impurities.  That’s why experts also assure us that water in its pure form can be kept almost without any time limitation. A SecoSan Stick from Trotec will ensure permanent purity along with additional freshness and crispness when you add it to your water.

Best before – no limits

So you’ve forgetfully left your water bottle in the car. After spending several weeks underneath the passenger seat, it turns up again. Let’s say you make the find when you are driving and getting really thirsty. You think “Great!” and take a generous gulp. But you realise something is wrong – the flavour is off. The water tastes stale and musty. And it doesn’t even refresh you. Even if the water is older and has been left standing and therefore isn’t particularly flavourful, in principle it cannot go off or expire. That’s because drinking water can be kept almost without limitation. Especially if the bottle is still sealed, no germs can form. It’s only when organic materials come in contact with the water that it can go bad.

Water, the basic element

Although water cannot actually go off, the bottles nonetheless always have a best-before date. That sounds contradictory. After all, underground mineral water may have spent millennia inside a mountain before being bottled. With salt it gets even more perplexing. In part, it’s more than 200 million years old. Despite this, the table salt that we buy in the shop has a best-before date as well. This is because all consumable goods are always labelled and given a best-before date.

Lasting purity and freshness

Plastic bottles of water usually display that it can be kept for a year, while in glass bottles it can be kept for two years. However, we also can enjoy the water from unopened bottles years later with any concerns. You can now also enjoy such special purity and freshness even when an opened bottle of water has been left standing for days – namely when you add a SecoSan stick to it. The SecoSan Stick works with silver ions that are emitted into the water. These enclose any germs and bacteria to stop them from multiplying. This way nothing can happen to your favourite drink and you can rest assured that it will have that fresh flavour and re-energising effect. A tip: It is best to fill up a water container with SecoSan water because glass definitely won’t affect its flavour!

Fast, great value, online

You can order SecoSan sticks from Trotec in the online shop. All you have to specify is the size of of the freshness stick and the desired amount. You can pay by credit card, prepayment or direct bank transfer. Check out the Trotec online shop today – we’ve got appealing special offers for you. For example, the SecoSan Stick 1, which keeps your water continuously fresh and pure in drink bottles of up to 0.7 litres, is available in 3-packs for just £ 7.41.

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