NEW SL3000 sound level meter – leak detection on compressed air, gas and vacuum systems

Compressed air is among the most expensive forms of energy, but leaks are often responsible for 30 to 40% of the amount consumed. With the SL3000, these leaks are extremely easy to detect – and from now on, energy and a lot of money will be saved with every leak that is eliminated. This professional compact solution for quick leak detection on compressed air lines as well as on vapour, gas and vacuum systems fits into virtually any pocket and very effectively resolves numerous tasks for preventive maintenance.

With the new SL3000 sound level meter, you can look for leaks in pressurised gas lines using ultrasound just as quickly as you can check unpressurised systems for their leak-tightness. Without any disruption to operation, the measuring instrument enables you to regularly check system parts and rotating machines for signs of wear using ultrasound and detect potential damage in good time. And the SL3000 will also help you to find evidence of electrical partial discharges on insulation damage.

How it works

The robust measuring instrument has been specially designed for use over long periods in harsh construction site environments

and it is also so compact that it fits easily into any pocket. The SL3000 can be supplemented by adding various air-borne and structure-borne probes, which can be connected to the instrument in just one step. You don’t require much time or extensive training for the measurement process with the SL3000. Thanks to high-performance sound transducer technology, the ultrasound signals are made audible using stereo headphones and shown numerically and indicatively on the display at the same time. An easy-to-read, back-lit display with a numerical and indicative visual representation of measured values tops off the convenient operation of the measuring instrument.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the test instrument for ultrasound measurements is just as compact as it is robust in accordance with IP54
  • the easy detection of the smallest leaks
  • the precise leak detection thanks to high-performance sound transducer technology
  • the highly sound-insulated stereo headphones allow for reliable detection even when there is loud surrounding noise

SL3000 sound level meter – in a practical professional transport case!

You’ll receive the SL3000 as a complete set in a transport case, which includes:

the SL3000 ultrasonic measuring instrument, ultrasound probe, directional sound probe with attachable tip, acoustic horn for wider measuring ranges, stereo headphones with connecting cable as well as an operating manual

Order the new SL3000 sound level meter today and take advantage of our current offer of only £2,162.58 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop

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