Do you love fans with a classic retro design?

We do as well – we even make them especially: They are designed as mobile pedestal and floor fans in the TVM series according to classic specifications with a retro design and are made entirely of metal with utmost care. All models in theTVM series are characterised by a unique price-performance ratio, and in comparison to competing cooling solutions such as mobile air conditioning units, are on offer at an unbeatable price with regard to acquisition and operating costs.

Even the motors of the pedestal and floor fans in the TVM series are equipped with a copper coil, which on the one hand increases the service life of the units and their authenticity on the other. Because is there anything more satisfying than discovering the true essence of the beautiful things we surround ourselves with? Therefore, wherever you need fresh breeze – whether at home, in the office, at a party or concert, at a video shoot or photo shoot – you’ll always make a good choice in terms of quality as well as style with a floor fan from the TVM series. The practical fans are very suitable even for restaurants, especially with wall and ceiling brackets. Let’s take a quick look at our TVM department together – maybe on the way you’ll discover your new favourite fan with a classic retro design …

TVM floor fans

The elegant chrome styling makes the TVM 12, TVM 14 and TVM 18 floor fans real eye-catchers that are irresistible to look at. The models are each characterised by their different Watt power, fan blade diameters and their unit size. They all have a stable and non-slip base for the topple-resistant stand. The fan head of each TVM fan can be continuously rotated, so it can be tilted flexibly in any direction desired. With three speed levels and adjustable tilt angle, you can even adapt the work of the wind machines, which is already good, to better meet your individual requirements.

TVM 20 D floor fans

The device is also called a drum fan due to its distinctive design and the matt-black look of its rotor cage and stand frame resembles fans used in numerous professional appearances of wind machines of this construction type in front of and behind the cameras in large photo and film studios. Also optimal for ventilation, wind generation, wind cooling or drying – the TVM 20 D is versatile. The device blows even the hottest stuffy air out of residential or office spaces at a high air flow rate with a blade diameter of 20 inches (around 50 cm). What’s more, it has 120 Watts of enough power reserve to provide sufficient cooling even at escalating temperatures.

TVM 18 S pedestal fan

The TVM 18 S pedestal fan always keeps a cool track of things even on hot days and it quickly provides the necessary cooling. Thanks to its impressive power output of 120 Watts, its blade diameter of 18 inches (approx. 45 cm) and its fantastic positioning capability due to the extendable and height-adjustable telescopic tube, the fan blows hot air even out of larger rooms very quickly. Whether within the four walls of your own home, in the office, in a restaurant, before it gets too hot and too stuffy, or as a solution at a party, the TVM 18 S can be used for any application.

TVM fans from Trotec – classic, good and retro even in terms of price

Find out all about the large selection of portable TVM fans and also take advantage of our current offer prices – now in the Trotec shop.

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