Now it’s getting hot: which type of fan are you?

Do you prefer the discreet TVE 10 table fan that works by providing refreshment in a quiet and disciplined manner? Or does your heart beat more for large fans – the TVE 15 S pedestal fan, which easily manages to be the centre of attention at all times? If you have an eye for audacious architecture, you would probably like add our TVE 30 T tower fan. Or do you have a hidden passion for our bright and colourful TVE 1 USB table fans?

And are you a type of fan that is more inclined towards axial* or radial* fans for example? Whatever type you are, we can definitely find a fan in our TVE series that suits your preferences perfectly. In terms of type, size, colour, of course, price! Since all of Trotec’s mobile fans in the TVE series are characterised by a unique price-performance ratio, they can be used flexibly in any indoor room and, in comparison to other cooling solutions such as mobile air conditioning units, are on offer at an unbeatable price with regard to acquisition and operating costs. Just come with us and we’ll take a quick look at our TVE department …

TVE 1 USB fans

Compact, super mobile and trendy – that’s the TVE 1 USB fan. The small version will soon be available in 8 colours, doing its job like a larger version, but cooling everywhere exactly when you need it. The device generates wind excellently with 2.5 Watts and is powered by the USB port of your PC, your Notebook or your power bank. The USB connector is inserted easily into the nearest USB port, although the on/off switch on the device makes constant plugging and unplugging unnecessary. It is a portable cool breeze – and you can take it with you everywhere!

TVE table fans

With the TVE 10 and TVE 11 as well as the TVE 15 and TVE 17, Trotec has four well-priced axial fans in its product range, which differ in terms of choice of colour, size, fan blade diameter and output. They all have the advantage of low operating costs, several speed levels, automatic 100° oscillation, and, and, and … by the way, they are allperfectly calibrated fan blades, which together with the stable base, generate optimal running smoothness at the lowest speed level. This also enables the desktop devices to cool noise-sensitive bedrooms at night.

TVE pedestal fans

Both TVE 15 S and TVE 17 S pedestal fans also belong to the group of devices that operate axially. The two fans, which are identical in structure, only differ in terms of choice of colour. A special advantage for you: With a continuously variable height adjustment from 105 to 122 cm, the fans provide noticeable refreshment and a wide distribution of air flow thanks to the automatic 80° oscillation. Together with the stable base, the perfectly calibrated fan blades produce only a very quiet level of background noise. And once the hot period is over, they just vanish into the cupboard in an elegant manner.

The TVE 30 T tower fan

The stylish TVE 30 T tower fan with its space-saving pillar design is a radial fan. The compact TVE 30 T combines attractive design with a high air flow rate – and all in a confined space. Unlike conventional fans with rotor blades, the functional principle of this tower fan is based on an axis revolving around itself. The cooling effect is generated in a space-saving manner by means of a rotating lamella construction inside the device and the air is discharged along the entire height of the device. Since the TVE 30 T has no rotor blades, the associated risk of accidents, which is an important aspect, is eliminated in households with children and pets.

TVE fans from Trotec – unbeatably diverse and well-priced

Find out more about the large selection of portable TVE fans and also take advantage of our current offer prices – now in the Trotec shop.

*The construction of axial fans is similar to that of an aeroplane propeller. Here the air is sucked in axially and also blown out axially. Radial fans work like a drum. Air is sucked in through the motor axis and blown out radially at 90 degrees.

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