Non-contact surface temperature measurement with our new pyrometers


Small, handy and highly precise – the pyrometers of the RP series

The winter did last long enough. Finally, we wake up in the morning because the sun is shining through the window and not because rain patters against the window. More frequently we get the grill out of the shed and put a nice piece of meat or vegetables over live coals.
To make the perfect steak or potato we have our new pyrometers to contact-free measure the surface temperature.
The small and handy devices are also best suitable to control the freezer temperature to always let you know that your beer for the grill party is cold enough.
Our pyrometers are suitable for further applications, of course. When it is very cold in your flat measure the temperature of your heater. When your motor overheats quickly then find the reason with the new RP series.

Infrared Thermometer RP05 – small and strong!

It is not much thicker than an Edding pen and fits in every pocket. The pyrometer RP05 measures every surface temperature between -35 °C and +230 °C contact free. Within a few seconds it is ready for use and the automatic power off function helps you not to waste battery energy unnecessarily.
Use the RP05 inside and outside. You can measure the temperature on any surface kind.

Fast and compact – the Pyrometer RP10

This lightweight handheld measuring instrument makes you a perfect grill master as well. To exactly define the measuring spot centre the device has a switchable laser pointer. Furthermore, it shows you the maximum and minimum value and another useful function is the switchable temperature alert. The RP10 can measure temperatures between -30 °C and +270 °C. The emissivity is variable.

Pyrometer RP15 – hold the temperature in your hands

With the infrared thermometer RP15 get a wrong measuring value again. It also has a switchable laser pointer to exactly define the measuring spot centre and measures after only a few seconds after switching on precisely between -30 °C and #260 °C. It also shows you the temperature in Fahrenheit if you wish. Under poor lighting conditions the backlit display helps when reading the measured values.
Thus, having a barbecue at night or checking your motor when it is dark are not a problem any longer.

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