AirLock 100 – one solution for pleasant climate and mosquito repellent

Hard-wearing, water-repellent and easy to assemble

Do you know the feeling when you can’t sleep in a summer night because it is still so hot in the bedroom? When you open the window to provide ventilation quickly mosquitos come into your room and don’t let you sleep although it is comfortably cool now. An air conditioner is a suitable solution but what to do with the warm exhaust air the device emits? When you put a hose through an open window there, again, is the mosquito problem.

Actually, the solution is pretty simple. The AirLock 100 window sealing fits all normal window constructions with a maximum perimeter of 400 cm. Regardless whether they are small, large, pivot-hung windows or skylights, the translucent, hard-wearing and water-repellent sealing can simply be brought in place between the window and the window frame to regulate the air exchange.
A flexible venting hose reliably transports the warm air is reliably to the outside and remains on the outside. Even noises from the outside are much more muffled and less penetrating that you can sleep much better.

An ideal solution not only for summer nights

The AirLock 100 window sealing not only holds insects outside but also avoids that, for example, your cat gets stuck in a tilted window.
Of course, the sealing is not just suitable for air conditioners. You can use it through the whole year, for instance for ventilation dryers (laundry dryers) or dehumidifiers and when it gets too cold inside or when you have to leave the house you can close the windows without taking down the AirLock 100 after removing the venting hose.

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