NEW IDS F indirect oil-fired heater for tents – now available for delivery!


These robust heaters, eagerly awaited by one or two of our customers, are now ready for delivery. This is because the IDS 30 F tent heater has been further developed from the IDS series especially for mobile application and will start serving its purpose in the coming days in Germany and across Europe – as the ideal mobile solution for emergency and rescue services and local support organisations.

Due to the robust construction, the many practical handling qualities and its flexible application, travel, and storage possibilities, the oil fired heater is ideal for use as a tent heater. This is also the reason for the most obvious difference compared with the other oil-fired heaters from the IDS series: with the IDS 30 F, there is no built-in tank to allow for flexible application. The mobility advantages here are clear to see:

  • The weight saving makes the device much easier for your employees to handle when in use.
  • The new heater saves valuable loading time, because you no longer need to empty the remaining oil from the tank.
  • The time spent on bureaucracy for the transportation and insurance documents which are otherwise necessary for transporting and storing oil tanks is also saved.

This is how it works

The IDS 30 F oil heater is perfectly equipped for fully-automatic thermostat-controlled operation in tents. For this purpose, the unit comes equipped as standard with an electronic flame safeguard, a safety thermostat for protection against overheating and a fully-automatic after-cooling function. An external thermostat with a ten metre-long cable for fully automatic use in tents can also be connected as an optional extra.

The double-walled housing with protective coating provides effective sound insulation and increases the working safety as the surface temperature of the outer cover is lowered, which reduces risk of injury. The easily portable unit, which is stackable in storage just as it is during transportation, is equipped with a sturdy frame with impact protection and carrying handles. The fuel can be supplied to the IDS 30 F either via an external bulk tank or canister – the relevant accessory is available for both types of use.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • Flexible application, transportation and storage possibilities as there is no tank.
  • Clean warmth with a high degree of efficiency
  • Electronic flame safeguard
  • The overheating thermostat

The clever solution for emergency and rescue services and local support organisations – the IDS 30 F tent heating device.

Find out about our new tent heating device and, ideally, order the IDS 30 F indirect oil-fired heater today at our current offer price of just £1,446.47 including VAT. Available now in the Trotec shop!

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