IDX 30 D oil heater fan – finally back in stock!

The IDX 30 D, which is now back in stock, is the reliable budget solution for long-term heating with direct heat on site, for example on frosty construction sites, in agriculture or in well-ventilated storage areas. As a true professional, the exceptionally economical and robust device resolutely holds up against the elements – and your employees will also be able to get through the cold days ahead much more easily with this around.

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The NEW IDE 100 D oil heater fan – maximum direct heating power, a.s.m.m.*!

*the abbr. of “and so much more” is the appropriate shorthand description to convey the various ways in which our new IDE 100 D oil heater fan can be used. Whether you want to keep construction site areas reliably warm, large hall areas effectively heated, livestock safely protected from the cold or work materials free of ice despite the freezing cold – the 100 kW direct heating power of this professional heater offers you a high heating capacity with 100 % efficiency for every requirement.

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NEW IDS F indirect oil-fired heater for tents – now available for delivery!


These robust heaters, eagerly awaited by one or two of our customers, are now ready for delivery. This is because the IDS 30 F tent heater has been further developed from the IDS series especially for mobile application and will start serving its purpose in the coming days in Germany and across Europe – as the ideal mobile solution for emergency and rescue services and local support organisations.

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NEW IDS 30 F indirect oil fired heater – specifically for tents!


The equally robust and easily constructed oil fired heater of the IDS series has everything that is necessary for economic and immediate heating. Thanks to their solid and ingeniously simple construction, all units guarantee high reliability and minimal maintenance at the same time. The new indirect oil fired heater is also equipped with the proven functions of the series, at the same time however, the unit was further developed specifically for mobile use as a tent heater.

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NEW IDE 20 Oil Fired Heater – finally back in stock!

tro_blog_oelheizgeblaese_ide20_banner_enOne of our most popular oil heaters EVER, the IDE 20 was already sold out just after its market launch. As of this week, the new heaters are ready again and the first ones are already on their way to customers. It’s no wonder, these devices are super compact, flexible and reliable – and most importantly really good value too. So the ideal solution for any professional who thinks it’s gradually getting a little too shady in the workshop, in the store room or on the building site! Read More