Climate chamber for spare parts


Spare parts and accessories are an important commodity in any business. But things that are safely stored in a warehouse over the warm and dry months are at risk of serious damage in cold and damp conditions. Rust, mildew and mould spots are just a few of the dangers threatening your accessories. Protect your goods and turn your warehouse into a climate chamber in the autumn. With an adsorption dryer from the TTR series from Trotec, you can turn your spare parts warehouse into the ideal place to spend the winter, in a heartbeat! Ensuring your tools and spare parts are always in the best possible condition.

Ideally, you would store your production tools and accessories in waterproof and air-tight packaging over the winter in order to protect them from the damp and cold climate. However, the bigger your tool and spare parts warehouse is, the more difficult it is to find protected storage over the colder months. In addition, you need unrestricted access to your tools and parts everyday so that your work doesn’t come to a standstill. A tip for professionals: turn your spare parts warehouse into a climate chamber, where all materials will feel at home! A room with a constant temperature of around 15 degrees and air humidity levels of between 40 and no more than 60 percent is ideal. With this ideal climate, the formation of condensation in hollow spaces, such as in locks, and on metal surfaces, is prevented as far as possible.

Dehumidifiers and heaters – the perfect combination

The later it is in the year, the colder and damper the air becomes. And the more moisture that gets into your spare parts warehouse, the greater the risk of rust, mildew, mould spots and damage to the electronic components in your tools and spare parts. Take targeted action against high humidity levels in your rooms. Depending on the room size, the mobile high-performance dehumidifiers from the TTR series from Trotec could be suited to this. Did you know that the TTR dehumidifiers are the lightest devices in their performance class? In addition, they are “Made in Germany” from high-quality components. At the same time, the powder-coated housing made from sheet steel is particularly hard-wearing. The robust TTR 300 adsorption dehumidifier, for example, therefore manages up to 230 cubic metres per hour and at the same time weighs just twelve kilograms! It is a mobile all-rounder which can, of course, also be built into suspended ceilings. You can continuously adjust the air flow control at any time and therefore always keep noise emissions and electricity consumption under control. For days that are particularly cold, we also recommend using one of the mobile heaters from the Trotec series to protect your spare parts and tools. If mobile application and high durability are the top priorities, the professional electric heaters from the TEH series from Trotec are the top choice. Thanks to the focussed flow of hot air and high-performance fan, even the largest rooms can be warmed within a short period of time.

Your individual solution

Make use of the experience and expert knowledge of the Trotec Industry Service team. Our employees will measure your rooms on site, carefully examine your materials and create the perfect climate concept for you. And with loan devices, you can take a trial run! Precise measurement results will show when we have found the perfect solution for corrosion protection in your warehouse. And the decision is yours. Get in touch with us today, we are here for you!

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