Healthy sleep for children

Healthy sleep for children

Your child wakes up at least once per night, if not more often. Then you are woken up by a sad voice calling for refreshment.

Sounds familiar? You hurry to the kitchen to get a glass of  water so your little one can quench their thirst. Make it all easier and prepare for night-time water runs in advance. If you leave a jug of water with a SecoSan stick from Trotec in the child’s room, you will be able to provide cool refreshment – even if half asleep.

Healthy sleep for children

It doesn’t matter if your child is one year old, three or five. One of the most common questions you are asked is: “Does your child sleep through the night?” It seems that the competence of mothers and fathers is measured against the answer. If the baby doesn’t already sleep through the night from two months old, someone suggests that you’ve done something incorrectly. Pay no attention to such thoughts and remember: It is perfectly normal for babies not to sleep through the night. This is because youngsters have a much shorter sleep cycle than adults and their dreaming sleep is much lighter. Young children can wake up repeatedly at night. The most common reason is because they are thirsty.

Water is Number 1

Of course you are happy to get your child something to drink when they wake up at night and call for refreshment. You go to the kitchen and get the drink, sit down beside the child’s bed and watch while they quench their thirst. Water is the number 1 drink for this! Sweet tea or cocoa damages teeth. With fresh water, the mouth also stays fresh so that your child can fall back to sleep more quickly. So far, so good. But when this happens a second or a third time in a night, and you are denied your sleep by this repeated task, you become agitated. After all, it’s not just your child who needs sleep to recharge, but you as well. To make sure that both your child and you find calm, you should start an evening routine. In this way, your child will sleep sounder and not wake up at the first slightest inkling of thirst.

A refreshing routine

Before putting your child to bed, they should have a mouthful of water after they have brushed their teeth. If you tuck them in tightly and read a goodnight story, the youngster will quickly become calm. Before putting out the light, take their hand and remind them of how much they are loved. Even when children wake up at night: Don’t rush to their bedside as soon as you hear a squeak. Give your child the chance to fall back asleep on their own. Sometimes calling for a drink is an attempt to get mums and dads to come to their side.

Your healthy reserve

Of course, you shouldn’t leave your child crying. If it becomes clear that they are indeed thirsty and cannot get back to sleep alone, give them something to drink. The best approach is to prepare for such a night-time task before going to sleep and to leave a jug of fresh water in the child’s bedroom. This way you can care for the needs of the child with minimum effort.

Healthy refreshment

To make sure that your water always stays fresh throughout the night, you can place a SecoSan stick into the jug or water bottle. The SecoSan stick ensures that no germs or bacteria can build up in the water. With your SecoSan water reserve in the child’s bedroom, you will have night-time refreshment within arm’s reach. And you can also enjoy a sip or two of fresh water for yourself while doing so. In this way, your child will soon be asleep again after their short water break.
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