Feel spring, measure spring – lowest price offers at Trotec


Now that spring is finally approaching we surely want you to feel the warmth and the climate. To convince yourself that the season really has arrived we have a very special offer for you in our online shop.
With our lowest price offers you now can measure spring. Temperature, sun, wind or noises; our measurement equipment from the MultiMeasure Basic series shows exactly what you need for a beautiful spring day. So raise your well-being with our lowest price offers!

Listen to beautiful sounds!
Bird chirping, the gentle splashing of a creek or the hopping of a foraging squirrel. When we think of such sounds we immediately relax, think of nature and a perfectly stress free time and healthy recovery through a long walk.
But there are other noises that cause stress and even can harm our health. Loss of hearing is the most highly registered occupational illness within the EU. To decrease that risk we offer you the BS15 Sound Level Meter with a discount of 30 per cent for only 19.94 Euros.
With that little and handy device you measure easily if it is too loud at home or at work. The BS15 is also useful to perform quality checks in the building trade to detect noise emission sources or inadequate noise isolation, for example. So use our BS15 to only listen to the beautiful sounds!

Find your ideal “feel good climate”
With the BC05 Thermohygrometer because you exactly know if there is the right temperature or relative humidity at home or at work during spring. By simply clicking a button you will find out if you can work efficiently and effectively or the device shows you the reason why you are unmotivated and cannot think clearly. Get the BC05 for only 24.95 Euros with a discount of 40 per cent. It allows you to determine climate value changes in different room zones both quickly and effectively. Provide a healthy “feel good climate” everywhere during spring!

Always provide enough light!
Darkness makes us tired and unmotivated. Between December and March there were much less sun hours than usually during winter. So it is not surprising that we yearn for sun and warmth. With the BF05 Lux Meter we promise that you get through spring with a good mood even though it is a bit darker sometimes. The compact device enables you to carry out precise illumination measurements both indoors and outdoors to protect yourself from bad mood. To ensure that you are always cheerful we offer you the BF05 for a sensational bargain of 24.95 Euros with 40 per cent discount.
You can use the BF05 to measure illumination levels at home or at work, to create window displays or to determine the right lighting conditions at film and photo shoots or at fairs.
Find the right portion of light for your well-being!

Prepare yourself against the summer flu!
Even this year the spring will get warm and pleasant, sunny and mild and sometimes windy. And there you should keep an eye on because when it is warm outside you often underestimate the wind and then you get the flu easily.
Therefore we offer you the BA05 Impeller Anemometer with a discount of 50 per cent for only 24.99 Euros to quickly and easily measure flow rates. But there are many more features. You can measure wind speed in kilometres and miles per hour and gas flow rates in metres per second or feet per minute. You can even measure fan and ventilation system performance. Additionally, it is ideal for sporting and leisure activities which rely heavily on wind and thermals like yachting, surfing or hang gliding, for instance.
Stay healthy and use wind power!

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