New! The distance meter Leica Disto D810 touch


The measurement of big rooms and halls, on construction sites, in attics or in kitchens: with the laser distance meter Leica Disto D810 touch you will never need an inch rule again. Perfect for the daily work of architects and engineers this precision instrument exactly measures distances of up to 200 metres. Now you can get it in the Trotec online shop. Besides its high precision there are some other surprising new features. But see for yourself…

As of now we have a global innovation in our shop. The Leica Disto D810 touch is the worldwide first laser distance meter with a touchscreen. Quickly and intuitively you can choose the different function symbols like you do on a smartphone. With the integrated camera you can take pictures and even determine distances in these pictures. The integrated USB port allows you to transfer your pictures and the measurement data to the PC quickly and easily.

Intelligent functions for measurement and postprocessing

The operation of the laser distance meter Leica Disto D810 touch will come to you pretty easy. Through wiping like when you are using a smartphone you can change pages and zoom with two fingers. With a light push you choose a function. Alternatively, you can also navigate through the menu of the measuring device by using the keypad.
The integrated camera can be handled via touch function as well. On the one hand you can take pictures or display pictures for your documentation and save it on your computer via USB to edit. On the other hand – and that’s new – you can now determine distances on pictures afterwards. With that function you can even make an oversize of the width, height, area or even of the diameter of an object.

Highly precise with attractive features for an easy working

In contrast to other laser distance meters you can use the Leica Disto D810 touch when the sun in shining: up to a distance of 200 metres with exact measurement results. Additionally, the specially developed inclination sensor guarantees precise results. With the free App “Leica DISTO™ sketch” you also can connect the device to a smartphone or tablet and create scaled plans, dimension objects in a photo or check construction drawings and even add detailed sketches to an overview picture. With that you always keep all relevant measuring information together and can directly use it.

Why should you make complicated measurements with an inch rule when it is much easier and faster with the Leica Disto D810 touch? Furthermore, you get it for the cheap price of only 784.95 Euros (instead of 867.51 Euros). So what are you waiting for? You save very much time and protect your nerves.

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