Accurate leak detection with the new impulse current measuring system PD200


Do you want to locate cracks or holes on flat roofs, find leaks in non-conductive sealing systems: for example bitumen, elastomer, PE-HD or other synthetic liners quickly and easily? Then you need the new impulse current measuring system PD200. With this quality measuring device “Made in Germany” leaks on flat roofs are things of the past.

The new impulse current measuring system PD200 from Trotec is perfectly suitable for the precise detection of cracks or holes on flat roofs. Technically further developed compared with the previous model size (30 % less case volume) and weight (20 % lighter) could be reduced noticeably. Nevertheless, the PD200 measuring system still has the same, complete accessories. The device can be transported through narrow passages like safety ladders much easier. In the new yellow and black Trotec design the PD200 has been designed more appropriate. Du to the leightweight construction based on aluminium it, additionally, is more robust.

Sophisticated technology stowed conveniently – for different fields of application

The impulse current measuring system PD200 is ideal for a wide variety of applications including inspections on seal systems to detect leaks and determine their exact positions. Ideal for geotechnical applications like tunnel or landfill construction and when building of fire water ponds, swimming ponds or detention reservoirs. In industry construction you can check seal liners of reloading sites, fuel depots and hall floors of facilities. The PD200 is also excellently suitable for carrying out inspections to ensure the implementation of construction work and is highly effective for detecting leaks in single-walled or double-walled gravel or green flat roofs as well as roof terraces and balconies.

How the impulse current measurement method works

The principle of this method is very easy. Voltage is applied to the insulation layer by means of a ring line with a positive terminal on the surface of the insulation layer and a ground cable with a negative terminal on the underside of the insulation layer. Surface moisture acts as a conductor for the electric current provided by the impulse generator. The direction of the current can be determined via the measuring rods and indicated as a direction on the impulse receiver which can then lead the user to the exact position of the leak. The PD200 can also be used to detect leaks in insulation layers under gravel beds or to carry out inspections on green flat roof insulation. In both cases it must be ensured that the layers covering the insulation are adequately sprinkled with water.

Impressive equipment

Integrated in the new impulse current measuring system PD200 are pulse transmitter, receiver, a pair of measurement probes, cable set and winders. Moreover, Trotec integrated a sound generator for the acoustic display of the emitted impulse. Many other convenient features like the gravel claw designed to make it easier to lay out the ring line under a layer of gravel make the package complete.

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    1. Dear Robert,
      the PD200 is ideal for pinpoint location of grounded leaks in non-conducting sealing systems and tightness test of hall floor sealing for LAU (storage, filling and handling of substances hazardous to water) and HBV (production, ­treatment and use of substances hazardous to water) systems (WHG – Water Resources Act). If this conditions are not fulfilled another measuring system should be chosen. Regards, Melanie

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