Keep it fresh

Luftbefeuchter Obst und Gemüse

Customers love it when the apples you display are crisp and crunchy, as though just been plucked from the tree. And who’s not tempted by plump, juicy strawberries shining in their punnets? Or by cucumbers, peppers and other vegetables, arranged invitingly on the shop shelves.

But the longer fruit and vegetables are away from the cold store, the quicker they lose their freshness. This is because they lose moisture. But you can prevent this. As well as keeping the temperature down in the fresh goods department, you should use an air dehumidifier. With Trotec’s mobile evaporation humidifiers your goods will remain fresh and crisp far longer.

Keep it fresh

Before fruit and vegetables arrive at the shop, they will have already travelled a long way They will have been properly packaged and cooled for the journey so that they retain their vitamins and enzymes and the produce stays fresh. However, even if you provide suitable air-conditioning when displaying the goods, fruit and vegetables will still lose their moisture. Apples, kiwis, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc., shrivel so they look unappetising. For the produce to stay crisp and fresh so that it keeps selling, you need to ensure that your storage and display areas are adequately humidified. It would be a shame to spoil the choices you had made with your suppliers. For, after all, you are rightly fussy and choose your goods with great care. And you know that food needs to look good too!

Great technology for great produce

We recommend: Give your produce the moisture it needs to stay delicious and appetising. Trotec can help you with this. For we have a range of mobile humidifiers to benefit you and your produce.

Trotec’s mobile evaporation humidifiers are robust and powerful – from the compact B 200 eco for areas of up to 600 cubic metres through to the B 400, a real power-pack. This is particularly suitable for large areas. The air that is sucked in passes through a rotating humidifier drum with an evaporation fleece which moves through a water bath. This technology washes the air and enriches it with moisture. You choose one of the two fan speeds and decide how much moisture is given off. All the humidifiers operate very quietly and cause no condensation.

The benefits to you

  • Fully automatic, reliable operation
  • No condensation
  • Also eliminates odours
  • Automatic power-off
  • Quiet operation
  • Great value for money

Protects your produce and ensures that fruit and vegetables remain crisp and tasty. Trotec’s online shop currently has the B 400 humidifier at a reduced price of £ 149.56 euros instead of £ 356.06!

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