We move air

Axial Fan TTV 4500 S

Stagnation is regression: This motto is true of many areas – even for air. If the air is stagnant on a construction site, the building structure dries slowly. And this means time is wasted, resulting in financial losses for the construction project.

In stagnant air, dust accumulates, and who wants to work under such conditions? Set your room air in motion, whether on the construction site, in newly renovated rooms, in warehouses or in workshops. The new high-power ventilator TTV 4500 S helps you to succeed with fresh air. Deliveries begin from the 26th calendar week.

We move air

The latest powerhouse from Trotec is the axial ventilator TTV 4500 S. With its high power, the extremely compact and equally robust device provides for fresh wind in your rooms. An enormous air flow of up to 5000 cubic metres an hour and an air pressure of 130 pascal. That’s the equivalent of almost 1400 litres of air per second! With this power, the TTV 4500 S circulates the air in next to no time, even in large halls. New building structures dry in an instant. And dust and suspended particles are swept out of your rooms at the press of a button.
The best thing is: The airflow can reverse without problems. Not only can you ensure rapid ventilation in this way, you can attach an air hose or a dust bag to the integrated connector and use it to discharge the consumed or contaminated air in a targeted manner.

Generate powerful wind!

You want a bit more power? No problem! The air pressure power can easily be increased using a device cascade. You can also connect several TTV 4500 S with one another. And if you want to aim higher still, a batch mode with up to three devices is possible.

The TTV 4500 S is the professional among high-power ventilators. It is particularly easy to operate and is equipped with several clever details that make it that much simpler! In addition to the stackable, robust and lightweight integral housing, the ventilator has a hose fitting, a carry handle, a cable box, rubber feet for stability, an integrated socket and an operating hour meter. This makes it more than simple for you to generate wind.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • High air power – can be regulated in two steps
  • Robust integral housing
  • Linking of several devices possible, even in batch mode
  • Integrated socket and operating hour meter

Get the new TTV 4500 S from Trotec today. The high-power ventilator will be delivered in the 26th CW. You can find your deal for fresh air here in the Trotec shop: the TTV 4500 S for £ 186.20 instead of £ 230.53 plus VAT.

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