Is it an allergy or a cold?

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Runny nose? Watery eyes and an itchy throat? A clear case of a cold! Or perhaps it’s an allergy? After all, spring is the high season for pollen. Well, there is the famous fine distinction – and we’ll gladly reveal it to you. We’d also be pleased to give you our tip for a guaranteed pollen-free home: simply trust in the AirgoClean 105 S!

According to the German Pollen Information Service (PID), there are numerous symptoms which point towards a pollen allergy: from a permanently running nose to conjunctivitis and asthma, itching eyes, sneezing attacks, coughing, fever and sleeping disorders. Because a “bog-standard” cold has similar handicaps to offer, an itchy throat, hoarseness, coughing, sniffing and fever, for example, it’s just not easy to tell the difference. However, medical specialists such as allergologists can offer good advice: a frequent phenomenon that can indicate an allergic reaction is irritation in the nose and eyes. This is because such itching is not typical for a cold.

AirgoClean 105 S provides clean breathing air at the push of a button

Therefore if your nose is consistently itching, so it is unfortunately not a cold that will quickly pass, there is no other way: a professional solution in the form of an air purifier is needed. This is a clear case for the AirgoClean 105 S – the device is not only optimally suited to rooms of up to 30 m², but also brings with it a whole range of advantages which make it practically indispensable for use by allergy sufferers.

By means of a particularly effective combination of a true HEPA filter and an active charcoal filter, it purifies the air in your home or in the office of pollen and fungal spores as well as of tiny particles such as fine particulate matter and house dust. The device also rids the air of undesirable odours. And thanks to its integrated dust and VOC* emission sensors, the AirgoClean device automatically determines the degree of air pollution. This means you can either leave the air purifier running automatically and energy-efficiently, or control the setting of the blower (3 different settings available) manually via the control panel or the remote control. The AirgoClean air purifier shows the current air quality and tells you via the digital display when the filters need to be replaced. Furthermore, the timer function and the sleep mode make the convenience of use of the device perfect.

Clean air in the home and the office, free of dust

Defend yourself against the allergy-provoking mixture of pollen, fungal spores, fine particulates and normal house dust in your breathing air: order the Air Cleaner AirgoClean 105 S today for only £ 137.36 incl. VAT – in the Trotec Shop now!

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