IR 1500 S Radiant Heater – for direct, deep infrared heat!

Cold bathroom in the morning! Cold workshop in the afternoon! Evenings on the patio: even colder! There is only one thing for it: heat – right now! And that’s exactly what we provide with our IR 1500 S infrared heater. The extremely energy efficient quartz heater produces direct, cosy infrared heat following the natural principle of the sun, because quartz heaters are perfectly suited as additional heaters anywhere you need fast heating performance.

We are approaching the change of season. This is the time when the heating gets turned down a little – with the result that we ending up freezing in the bathroom in the morning. When we want to sit on the patio in the afternoons, but wonder whether the sun will be warm enough or if we’ll risk getting a cold. Here and there we need brief, instant heat in selected areas without long warm-up times – and that is what the perfect solution, our IR 1500 S quartz infrared heater, provides, whether in the bathroom, over the changing table, on the workbench in your hobby room, on the terrace or anywhere else: our tried and tested, practical all-rounder heats the immediate surroundings, making them cosy and warm with infrared radiation from the moment you turn in on.

This is how it works

The infrared heater IR 1500 S is equipped with three modern quartz heating elements and therefore converts the majority of the energy used into direct heat. The radiant heater, which is extremely energy-efficient as a result, particularly in comparison with fan heaters, has 3 heat settings with a maximum heating output of 1500 watts. The heat settings are adjusted using the integrated pull switches and a small window shows the current heat setting. In addition, the device works without producing any odour, and because it doesn’t use a fan, is also very quiet and doesn’t blow any dust around making it perfectly suited for allergy sufferers.

Thanks to its compact design, the heater is perfect for smaller spaces and can be quickly and easily attached to the wall – the necessary mounting kit is included in the scope of delivery. Using the adjustable inclination angle, the radiant heater can be precisely angled as a heat source. The subtle design of the metal housing – splash-proof in accordance with protection class IP 24 and therefore suitable for use in wet rooms such as the bathroom – makes the IR 1500 S quartz heater a truly attractive highlight.

Applications for our new IR 1500 S infrared heater:

  • In the bathroom, guest bathroom or your holiday home
  • Above the baby changing table: provides cosy warmth for changing and dressing
  • On the workbench in your hobby room
  • Creates a cosy climate on cold days in the conservatory, or on covered balconies and patios
  • Restaurant and hotel guests can also be served on terraces all year round, even on cold days
  • A source of heat for cool summer evenings under parasols or awnings
  • Whether in a wellness oasis or in the treatment room, relaxing warmth promotes well-being
  • Ideal heater for pet pens or small animal hutches
  • Can also be used as a horse solarium
  • The practical all-rounder generates direct heat through infrared radiation following the natural principle of the sun and heats the immediate surroundings with a cosy warmth from the moment it is switched on.
  • An extra plus: the device works without producing any odours, and because it doesn’t use a fan, it is also very quiet and doesn’t blow dust around. This makes it perfect for allergy sufferers.
  • Thanks to its compact design, it is also perfectly suited for use in smaller rooms.

IR 1500 S heater – so you never need to freeze again

Order the IR 1500 S radiant heater today for just £18.20 including VAT instead of £36.44 – in the Trotec shop now!

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