NEW AirLock 1000 – sealant for terrace and balcony doors and floor-to-ceiling windows

The AirLock from Trotec is one of the most bought sealants in Europe for the combined use with single or dual-hose air-conditioning equipment. Now the AirLock 1000 once again expands the possible uses of this practical accessory series – the AirLock 1000 is the only window sealant on the market that provides a maximum perimeter of 560 cm. This allows you to use the energy-saving window sealant on terrace and balcony doors as well as floor-to-ceiling windows.

A maximum perimeter of 560 cm – that makes the new AirLock 1000 unrivalled in the truest sense of the word in the sealing of balcony and terrace doors and floor-to-ceiling windows with screw and tip caps. In the future you will also be able to clamp the exhaust hose of single-hose equipment or two hoses in efficient air conditioning devices to precisely fit in the spaces of these open windows or doors.

AirLock 1000 – decreases energy costs and prevents dust and insects

The exhaust window sealing AirLock 1000 can be mounted between doors, windows and rooms with fewer steps and has many flexible applications. Due to its two separate zipper openings, the AirLock 1000 can be used just as well for all single-hose as well as dual-hose air-condition devices. Each of these two zippers can be seamlessly and precisely adjusted for all hose diameters and nozzle sizes. This prevents the backflow of warm outside air into the room, and thus decreases the power consumption of the air-conditioning unit. Additionally, dirt and insects are reliably kept at a distance. If only one opening is required, the second zipper remains closed without letting any air through. When leaving the house, the doors and windows can be closed without having to remove the AirLock beforehand.

How it works

Thank to its large maximum perimeter the new sealing practically suits all doors. But you can also calculate the appropriate size very easily yourself:

Multiply the height of the window or door by two and add the width. If the sum is under or equal to 560 cm, the AirLock 1000 is perfectly suitable for your planned sealant use.

Installation of the AirLock 1000 is simple and uncomplicated. The textile sealant is mounted with Velcro tape around the window slot. Two integrated zippers offer the option to place the exhaust hose on variable positions through the sealant. No tools or additional paraphernalia whatsoever are required, since the AirLock 1000 comes completely ready for installation including Velcro.

And besides: The practical circulating air window sealant AirLock is not only recommended for the use of air-conditioning devices during the hot months of the year. You can also use this textile sealant the whole year for any kind of air-carrying device, for instance in the use of driers.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the efficient energy-saving effect of the door and window sealant
  • the increase of the cooling performance with a lower use of energy
  • its optimal suitability for terrace and balcony doors as well as floor-to-ceiling windows
  • its suitability for climate devices with single and dual-hose technology

AirLock 1000 window sealant – clever savings with solutions from Trotec!

Order the AirLock 1000 today at our current sale price, reduced from £45.23 to just £22.81 incl. VAT – in the Trotec Shop now!

TheAirLock 1000 is delivered from CW 16.

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