NEW BD5A cross-line laser – finally available!

The new BD5A cross-line laser from Trotec projects perfect right-angled laser guidelines onto the wall – and thus makes exact alignment plain sailing. Modern laser technology now lays the foundations for precise tasks, where previously industry professionals had to awkwardly ply with a spirit level and a pencil. The BD5A cross-line laser is now available!

Simpler. Faster. More precise. This is how tradesmen and enthusiastic handymen work these days – they level the new BD5A cross-line laser out and project a laser cross that is 100% straight and right-angled on the opposite wall with the device. Some examples showing everything that can be done with the ‘Rubik’s cube’-like large laser device: Align pictures exactly perpendicular and parallel to each other; hang up pictures slanted but parallel to a stairwell or so, create drill holes side by side on a perfectly straight line, mount tiles in a precise pattern, and so on and so forth…

How it works

Despite using state-of-the-art technology, the BD5A can be operated with such ease that not just experienced tradesmen, but even handymen with little experience can manage perfect laser guidelines at right angles and also independent of angles. The BD5A cross-line laser with high light intensity is ready for use in a matter of seconds immediately after activation. It levels itself automatically and then projects exactly aligned laser lines with an impressive accuracy of up to ±0.8 mm/m (at 0°). The BD5A’s levelling module evens out bumps on the underlayer up to a 4° incline automatically. The laser provides warning by means of a glowing red LED on the device and a pulsating laser cross on the projection surface in case self-levelling proves to be impossible due to larger bumps.

Both laser cross-lines have a high light intensity and can be activated and levelled at any time separately as individual horizontal or vertical lines at the touch of a button where necessary. The accomplished design with smoothly shaped sides enables the BD5A to be laid out flat directly on the walls to be measured and worked on. Besides, only the BD5A provides an integrated multifunctional combined mounting support with universal clamps and a suction pad. This allows you to attach it to almost all objects or underlayers without causing damage, as the device can be mounted effortlessly and securely onto such positions where a bracket alone provides no purchase or cannot be fastened – on panes, mirrors or other smooth underlayers for example. Furthermore, the BD5A’s housing is fitted out with a ¼ inch screw thread on the base of the device for attaching trade-related tripods.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • The laser lines project light with a strong intensity for a distance of up to 10 m
  • The self-levelling laser – always automatically aligns itself in a straight line
  • You can choose between a crossed line and the individual horizontal or vertical line laser projection
  • High accuracy of up to ± 0.8 mm/m (at 0°)

BD5A cross-line laser – unbeatable, low-cost laser precision from Trotec

Order the new BD5A cross-line laser today at our current offer price, reduced from £45.52 to just £27.30 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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