IDX 30 D oil heater fan – finally back in stock!

The IDX 30 D, which is now back in stock, is the reliable budget solution for long-term heating with direct heat on site, for example on frosty construction sites, in agriculture or in well-ventilated storage areas. As a true professional, the exceptionally economical and robust device resolutely holds up against the elements – and your employees will also be able to get through the cold days ahead much more easily with this around.

With a heat output of up to 30 kW, the IDX 30 D oil heater fan generates clean and dry hot air volumes of up to 735 m³/h. Furthermore, the oil heater is equipped with everything, or already has everything on board, that you need for economical heating on the construction site or in agriculture. And the best thing: the device can be quickly transported and set up by just one employee – even on construction sites or on uneven ground!

The benefits for you at a glance – the IDX 30 D oil heater fan

  • impresses as a particularly economical solution with a maximum consumption of 2.9 litres of oil per hour. The integrated tank fill level indicator allows you to read off the current fuel volume at any time.
  • features a fixed thermostat for temperature control with a digital dual display for target and actual value.
  • is equipped with an integrated fuel tank. This makes additional external oil tanks superfluous and gives you a high level of flexibility in choosing where to use it.
  • guarantees reliability with minimal maintenance thanks to its solid design. The IDX 30 D remains in good form even when used outdoors for extended periods thanks to its hard-wearing housing made of double-coated material.
  • rounds off its safety equipment with an electronic flame safeguard and overheating protection.
  • has a tried and tested undercarriage: the carriage design is exceptionally smooth-running and optimally prepared for change of use and location thanks to its large wheels.

IDX 30 D oil heater fan – the budget solution for direct heat on site

Order the IDX 30 D oil heater fan today for just £186.62 incl. VAT, reduced from £354.60 – in the Trotec shop now!

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