NEW TDS-M series ceramic fan heaters – finally available again!

The new TDS-M series ceramic fan heaters are finally available again and are optimally suited for use at home or the office, because their long-lasting PTC ceramic delivers particularly fast, effective and environmentally friendly heat without fine dust or combustion gases. If you could do with a fast ceramic heater at home, or at the office or workshop, order now and enjoy cosy warmth at an extremely affordable price…

The PTC-ceramic of the TDS-M series offers many advantages in comparison with conventional heating wire technology: PTC heating elements are significantly more robust and at the same time heat up more quickly, and they can never overheat because of how they operate. In contrast with directly fired gas or oil heaters, the ceramic fan heaters also do not consume oxygen and produce no combustion exhaust gases. And unlike wire heating devices, the ceramic fan heaters also do not burn any dust, meaning no additional fine dust particles contaminate the air – ideal for use at home or in the office and a real plus for those with allergies!

The practical advantages of the “small” TDS 10 M and TDS 20 M ceramic fan heaters

With two individually selectable heating levels each, the small TDS 10 M can be set to operate at 1 kW or 2 kW heat output, and the TDS 20 M to a heat output of 1.5 kW or 3 kW. The fan heaters, in conjunction with a powerful axial fan, thus ensure pleasant heat in cold rooms.

The practical advantages of the “small” TDS 30 M and TDS 50 M ceramic fan heaters

Due to their great air power, the high-performance TDS 30 M and TDS 50 M fast heaters are optimally suited for the speedy heating of large rooms. For both “large” heaters, the desired temperature can be set as needed and is infinitely variable via the integrated thermostat. For greater selective heat, the heat output can be increased in two stages up to 5 kW for the TDS 30 M and even up to 9 kW for the TDS 50 M. For both devices, the fan can also be used without heat for pure ventilation.

The integrated overheating protection enables safe heating operation even with continuous use. Additionally, the fan motor is equipped not only with thermal protection but also an automatic follow-up function which keeps the fan in operation after the device is shut off until it is safely cooled down.

The benefits for you at a glance – the ceramic fan heaters of the TDS-M series…

  • provide quick, effective heat that is also particularly environmentally friendly. Instead of heating wires, the fan heaters are equipped with long-lasting PTC ceramic, which heats up the air very quickly without burning dust . And unlike classic wire heating devices, the ceramic fan heaters don’t contaminate the air with fine dust.
  • all possess multi-level temperature control with up to two heating levels  – plus a separate cold air level for the TDS 30 M and TDS 50 M. This allows you to easily control the heat output of the devices according to your individual needs.
  • can never overheat because of how they operate: If the fan heaters become too hot, the current conductivity and power output drop because of the material. This temperature limit effect is integrated from the outset, and automatically protects the devices from overheating, therefore offering a high degree of operational security.
  • due to their construction allow the installation of particularly smooth-running thermally protected fan engines. In combination with their large heating element surface, the TDS-M fan heaters work very quietly and generate a pleasantly consistent and draught-free stream of warm air in a particularly gentle way.

TDS-M series ceramic fan heaters – effective heat at an extremely affordable price!

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