Healthy protection in daycare centres and schools

LuftbefeuchterEspecially in daycare centres and schools, where rooms are shared by many children for hours at a time, illnesses can spread rapidly. Often the little ones’ ability to concentrate is not very good either. The cause often lies in the air, in the truest sense of the word. Often the air in the group rooms and classrooms is particularly stuffy and dry. And this makes playing and learning hard for the children. They are more susceptible to illnesses and the oxygen in their blood is transported more slowly. Therefore, the staff in daycare centres and schools should make sure that the rooms are equipped with additional technology that allows for an optimal air humidity. Trotec offers various humidifiers and airwashers that generate the ideal climate at the push of a button. So parents can bring their children to the daycare centres or schools and be at ease.

Healthy protection in daycare centres and schools

Autumn has barely arrived and a turbulent time is beginning for parents. Do you know the problem? One day you send your child off to preschool, and straight away the child catches a cold. And what’s more: Once they have just got over that, the little one comes home a few days later coughing and sniffing again. Often the cause of the illnesses is not forgetting to put on a hat or wearing damp shoes. The problem usually is in the air inside, which the children are breathing in for hours at a time in daycare centres and schools. As soon as it gets colder outside, the heating systems in the group rooms and class rooms are switched on. And along with warmth, these also unfortunately produce dry air. This in turn ensures that the children’s mucous membranes become dry and susceptible to being infected by viruses and bacteria. In addition, the viruses feel right at home in dry air and have the best conditions to spread. Since there is no water vapour in the air, which binds the viruses together. Therefore it is important, especially in the colder months, to ensure an optimal humidity of the air in daycare centres and schools – for our children’s health.

Washing machines for the air

Extensive ventilation and placing plants around the rooms barely help the learning facilities at all straight away. The rooms are being heated too strongly just so the children don’t freeze. Ideal partners are the humidifier and airwasher from Trotec, when we are dealing with our children’s health. Since the space-saving models can be quickly set up in a corner of the room and ensure optimal air humidity values at the push of a button. The real plus: They don’t just humidify the air that the little ones breathe in for hours everyday, but also filter it. The devices are barely noticeable while they’re doing this – both visually and from loud operating noises. They work almost in secret and in a whisper mode, reliably ensuring our children’s health.

The suitable model for any need

But what is better suited for air humidification in preschools and schools? A humidifier or an airwasher? That depends on where it is being used. An effective humidification and filtering of the air in larger rooms is best achieved by the powerful humidifiers like the compact B 200 eco with a humidification performance of up to 43 litres per day, or even the more robust B 400, which reliably humidifies the air in rooms of up to 800 cubic metres. With this the staff only have to set the desired air humidity value once, and the hygrostat-controlled humidifier automatically regulates how it operates. All Trotec humidifier models work according to the reliable evaporation principle. This means that limescale does not build up on the interior and that condensation does not form. In addition, the air in the room cannot become overly humid.
The AW-S series of airwashers from Trotec are particularly easy to handle and elegantly designed, but no less effective. The airwashers are better suited to smaller rooms – for example for use in the nap rooms and adjacent rooms in daycare centres, where the little ones are occasionally put to bed. Both the AW 10 S and the AW 20 S suck in the air in the room and drive it past rotating humidifying discs, where it is enriched with moisture. The small airwashers offer operating noises as quite as a whisper, a compact design and nothing but fresh, clean air. And what’s more: During the air washing process, dirt particles such as pollen, hair and dust stick to the humidifying discs and are deposited in the collecting bin. In addition, the AW 20 S – depending on the operating mode – offers additional thorough HEPA filtration of the humidified air. So those suffering from allergies can breath easy with the AW 20 S.

An extra boost to ability to concentrate

Of course the children’s health comes first. But enhancing their capability is also no aspect to scoff at. Air that is too dry makes it harder to absorb oxygen and transport it in the blood. So when the air in the room is given more moisture, the children can breathe deeply again, improving their activity and motivation. At the same time their ability to concentrate is improved, which is clearly of benefit to the little ones in tricky games, when doing arts and crafts, learning and writing their classwork.

The benefits of the B 400 humidifier

  • Reliable and effective air humidification for improved health and ability to concentrate
  • Clear control panel with hygrostat and fan regulator plus status displays
  • Rotating evaporation fleece cleans and washes the air
  • Fan with two settings
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Adjustable outlet grille
  • Robust construction made from powder-coated sheet steel
  • Optimal air circulation through integrated wall spacers
  • Quiet operating mode
  • Excellent value for money

The benefits of the AW-S series of airwashers

  • 3-in-1 combined device with odour removal, air cleaning and humidification
  • The display of the relative air humidity
  • Plasma generator for eliminating odours and harmful substances in the air in the room
  • Various operating modes plus whisper-quiet Night Mode
  • A large water reserve (9 litres) for long applications without servicing
  • Just need tap water (not expensive, distilled water)

Other benefits that the AW 20 S offers:

  • Intelligent combined sensor for measuring humidity and air quality at the same time allows energy saving automatic operation
  • Can be used for cleaning air and eliminating odours all year round thanks to separate humidification and plasma functions that can be switched on and off
  • The replaceable prefilter reliably frees the air of coarse house dust or animal hairs
  • HEPA filter function can be activated for maximum air cleaning efficiency: The HEPA filter filters out fine particles like pollen, mite excrement, fungal spores, dust and fine dust
  • 3-stage light signal displays the air quality in the room (Blue, Yellow, Red)

Humidifiers and airwashers for optimal indoor air – simply order in the Trotec Shop online!

Trotec is offering you all its humidifiers and airwashers at a fair price in the online store. Here you can make your decision and easily order at any time. Here’s a tip: Hurry. Because the B 400 humidifier is currently available for just £132.79 instead of £295.13. The AW 20 S airwasher is also available for a good price. It currently costs just £295.13 instead of £368.92.

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