Freshness for fireplace fans


Those who love cosy heat and a crackling fire know how to enjoy life. But fireplace fans also love freshness and healthy air at home. And that is hard to come by, especially if the fireplace is lit particularly often during the cold months. To protect wooden furniture from drying out and prevent negative impacts on health resulting from dry ambient air, you probably use a humidifier. That is good! But think about the health of your device too. The only way to ensure the technology lasts a long time is to make sure the humidifier tank is always filled with fresh, clear water. With SecoSan Stick from Trotec, care and maintenance is very easy. And you can breath deep and easy and enjoy the cosy fireplace atmosphere. Thanks SecoSan!

During the winter and early months of spring, you like to light a fire in your fireplace or tiled stove because you love the cosy warmth and comfort of the smouldering fire. But you are also familiar with the unpleasant consequence of the dry fireplace air in your living room: irritated mucous membranes, itchy skin, headaches. You’ve already retrofitted to ensure your comfort? Then you probably utilised the reliable and effective technology from Trotec and installed an evaporation humidifier or an air washer from Trotec. A good choice! Then you can enjoy the crackling magic of the fire in a completely cosy atmosphere, with a constant, pleasant level of humidity.

Enjoy comfort? Then go one better!

As a fireplace fan, you are excellently equipped! But you can still go one better with respect to comfort. How does that work? It’s simple: with a SecoSan Stick from Trotec. The little capsule helps you keep the water in your humidifier’s tank fresh and clean all the time. The SecoSan Stick ensures that your humidifier only emits extremely pure water vapour into the ambient air. A reason to breathe even deeper and more comfortably!

Nothing but pure, pleasant air

You know what happens to uncooled water that is stored in a tank for a long period of time: The germs and bacteria in the water reproduce rapidly, residues appear and biological growth develops. These germs and bacteria are then emitted into the ambient air via the humidifier’s technology and cause problems for you. In addition, the residues get into hoses and the pump and can, at worst, cause a defect. You can prevent that by replacing the water in your humidifier’s tank every day and cleaning and disinfecting the tank at least once a week. Is that too much work for you? We understand! That’s why there’s the SecoSan Stick which handles the work for you. You are left with clear and, more importantly, pure water that is emitted into your ambient air.

Here’s how SecoSan works

A SecoSan Stick works for six months to the benefit of your health and comfort. Once it has been placed in your humidifier’s water tank, the SecoSan principle works on its own. The little capsule works with silver ions that are released into the water. When they come into contact with germs and bacteria, they prevent them from reproducing. The SecoSan Stick is self-dosing, so it always releases the necessary quantity of silver ions required to keep the stored water clean and pure. This works completely without chemical additives and the water is demonstrably almost completely free of silver compounds.

Order easily online

Trotec offers SecoSan Sticks in different sizes. For home usage, we recommend the sizes 1, 2 and 10. You can then use the appropriate size to keep between 0.7 and 10 litres of water permanently pure and clean. You can order SecoSan Sticks easily from the Trotec online shop. Take a look and enjoy our fantastic saving offers. We look forward to meeting you!

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