NEW radiant heater IR 1500 S – for direct, rich, infra-red heat!


Mornings in the bath: BRRR! Afternoons in the hobby cellar: BRRR! Evenings on the patio: Double-BRRR! There is only one solution: One needs some heat – and immediately! This is exactly what we can supply with our new radiant heater IR 1500 S. The extremely energy efficient quartz heater generates direct, comforting infra-red heat just like the natural sunshine principal. With our DEAL-Offer you can also save about 25 € – but only when you place an order for delivery by CW 15!

We are getting close to spring. This is the time of the year when the heating is turned down slightly – which means that one already freezes in the bathroom in the morning. When one wants to sit on the veranda in the afternoon, the first question to ask oneself is whether the sunshine is already warm enough or one will probably end up with the flu. In such cases the only answer is immediate, localised heat without a long warm up time – and this can be ideally supplied by utilising the quartz radiant heater IR 1500 S. Irrespective of whether in the bathroom above the nappy-changing table, on the workbench in the hobby cellar, on the patio or wherever it is required: our new practical all-round solution heats the immediate vicinity with infra-red rays to create a comfortable warmth from the first moment.

This is how it works

The infra-red radiant heater IR 1500 S is equipped with three modern quartz heating rods and therefore converts the majority of the energy utilised into direct heat. The particularly energy efficient radiant heater is equipped with 3 heating levels with a maximum heating performance of 1,500 Watts and excels in comparison to, for example, hot air blowers. The integrated pull switch enables the heating levels to be easily interchanged, whereby the respective current heating level can be read-out in a small viewing panel. Furthermore, the device works completely smell-free and, as it does not blow out any air, also noise-free and without creating dust clouds – characteristics which make it perfectly suited for people with allergies.

The radiant heater compact design and construction make it ideal for utilisation in small rooms and can be simply and quickly fixed on the wall or ceiling – the required installation kit is supplied in the scope of delivery. The radiant heater can be aligned as a precise source of heat by utilising the adjustable angle function. The attractively finished metallic housing – with splash-proof protection in accordance with Protection Class IP 24, which makes the device ideal for wet rooms such as bathrooms – makes the quartz radiant heater IR 1500 a real eye catcher.

Four out of the many advantages, that I particularly like:

•    Infra-red heating without pre-warming or waiting time
•    The evenly distributed and target-oriented heating
•    The clean, condensate-free, smell-free and silent heat source
•    Perfect for allergy sufferers as there are no dust clouds

Radiant heater IR 1500 S – because you never want to freeze again

Take advantage of our current DEAL-Offer and benefit from a delivery by CW 15. Order the Radiant heater IR 1500 S today, not for £33.20 but just for £12.44 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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