NEW BE14 voltage detector – finally here and available for delivery!


DIYers and tradesmen who still risk electrical shock: are they beyond help and only have themselves to blame or are they simply foolish? Whatever the case, the risk to life can now be simply shut off. Our new BE14 voltage detector is now available at a price so low, there’s no reason not to keep this new, no-contact phase tester on hand in the tool box.

Did you know that electrical accidents are among the most frequently fatal work accidents? Two further phenomena are also grounds for concern: first, the number of reported electrical accidents has increased again over the last few years. Second, 90 % of the accidents occur particularly in the low-voltage range. That’s why a quick tester like the BE14 should be part of professional prevention to check whether all live wires are disconnected when working on the grid. By using our new voltage detector, shut that risk off!

This is how it works

With the BE14 voltage detector, you have a no-contact phase tester on hand which detects all live conductors such as outlets, switches or wire connections. The voltage test is contact-free, quick and easy due to the capacitive measuring process. For exposed cables, for instance on cable drums or light chains, the detector allows you to quickly localize broken wires. As soon as the voltage connects to the measuring tip in the localisation area, the red LED glow lamp pulses and an acoustic alarm warns you. A powerful LED torch is integrated on the clip side of the BE14 with which dark measuring areas can be optimally lit.

Four of the many advantages I find to be particularly good:

  • the no-contact, quick detection of alternating voltages
  • the optical and acoustic alarm function
  • the compact design in the shape of a pen with a pocket clip
  • the integrated torch

The new BE14 belongs in every toolbox – in yours too!

Avoid a superfluous risk: Order the new BE14 voltage detector today at our current sale price, of only £8.20 instead of £9.84 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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