NEW! BD20 distance meter – including area calculation

BD20 Distance Meter

Any professional or handyman who is still using a metre stick or measuring tape can save themselves a whole lot of unnecessary work. That’s because starting this week, our innovative distance meter BD20 is finally available to order – and with it whole new dimensions open up. Within seconds this laser device determines exact distances and calculates areas and volumes…

Nothing against hand tools and old school methods, but anyone who wants to make their life as a professional a whole lot easier should pack their metre stick and measuring tape away in the toolshed today. With the new BD20 distance meter you have exactly the right device at your fingertips for measuring distances of up to approximately 60 metres. Lightning fast! Laser accuracy! With measurement accuracy of ± 1.5 mm! And because the device also takes area and volume measurements, you will be able to calculate the required amount of work materials with precision in the future, for example, wall paint, parquet flooring or tiles.

Here’s how it works

The most important things first: Although it has a comprehensive range of functions, the BD20 laser distance meter is extremely easy to use. That’s because all the BD20’s  functions and settings have their own soft-touch shortcut button – be it for minimum and maximum measurement, continuous measurement, addition and subtraction, area and volume measurement or for indirect measurements using Pythagoras’ theorem. The attachable lighting for the large multi-line display makes reading measurement results possible even in darker corners. As well as this, the BD20 is dust and splashproof for the tough conditions of the building site in accordance with IP54 standards – truly a professional device for true professionals.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • the precise measuring of distances, areas and volumes in a matter of seconds
  • the Pythagoras function for indirect measurements
  • its easy handling thanks to the soft-touch shortcut buttons
  • the multi-line display with lighting option – great readability, even in poorly lit environments

So order the new BD20 laser distance meter today, reduced from £ 69.35 to just  £ 46.23 incl. VAT. – available now in the Trotec shop!


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