Fresh look

Fresh look

The first thing a person does to another person is look at their face. So make sure you are looking fresh and radiant every day. You clean your face regularly with a facial toner, and exfoliators and creams help to refine your complexion.

A tip: Introduce another care aspect to your beauty programme: a morning face massage and a refreshing drink for your skin. Pure water, both applied externally and drunk, makes your skin come to life. You can get the best skin care water quite simply from a SecoSan stick from Trotec.

Fresh look

Do you place great value on your facial skin care, too? Of course! After all, your face is the first thing another person looks at. It is also extremely important for your own well-being. Because a clear complexion and a fresh look increase confidence and allow us to get through our everyday lives happily and purposefully. We clean our faces at least once a day with cosmetics and use day and night creams. And occasionally, we like to have a cleansing and invigorating face mask. But with all the cosmetic products we use, there is one essential thing we should always remember: For a healthy, fresh appearance, our skin primarily needs fresh water.

External and internal use

For facial relaxation in the evening or revitalisation in the morning, it is best to use a gentle soap when cleansing. Then treat your face to a gentle massage. To do this, fill a bowl with warm water. Now dip your fingertips in and spread your fingers around your cleansed face – from your nose and cheekbones to your cheeks. And the same goes for your forehead and chin: stroke from the centre of your face to the outside. Your skin relaxes with the warm, moist pressure. You will see the effects within a very short time. You look rested and fresh. Make sure you use pure, fresh water for your massage. You will always have that at your fingertips if you store tap water with a SecoSan stick.
But you shouldn’t just use the SecoSan water for your wellness massage. Drink a lot of it – because your skin needs it. Water that you take in through drinking boosts the vitality of your skin. Studies have shown that the skin is better supplied with blood and with more oxygen just a few minutes after drinking the water. This stimulates the metabolism of our largest organ. The increased metabolic activity supports the protective and defensive function of the skin. The revitalisation effect from drinking the water becomes noticeable long-term through a fresher skin appearance.

Always at your fingertips

With a SecoSan stick in your household, you have your very own source of revitalisation at hand around the clock. Fill a vessel with sufficient water and put a SecoSan stick in it.  This binds the oxygen in the water and acts against bacteria and germs – on a sustained basis. In our Trotec online shop you will find the different versions of the SecoSan stick: for a small supply of pure water to a large supply. Take a look today – we have several special offers waiting for you!

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