NEW! HG 110 external hygrostat – now with jack plug!

HG 110 Hygrostat with Jack Plug

With the new HG 110 external hygrostat you can regulate the relative humidity in indoor spaces. It can be used with all dehumidifiers equipped with a corresponding jack plug connection.

With the HG 110 external hygrostat you can precisely control devices such as the TKK 170 ECO dehumidifier when using it for unsupervised drying tasks, for example. Equipped with a 3 metre long cable, the HG 110 can be used for controlling any dehumidifier fitted with a jack plug. The device is designed to work in areas with temperatures ranging from 0 °C to + 60°C and with 35 % to 100 % relative humidity.

Ideal for unsupervised drying tasks

Order the new HG 110 hygrostat for just
£ 62.97 excl. VAT. – available now in our Trotec shop!

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