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Especially in open-plan offices the climate has to be right: The working climate as well as the room climate. It is made clear time and again in works councils’ reports and in accounts from individual employees that both working climate and room climate are inextricably linked. Especially at cold times of year when the heating is on and dry air pervades open-plan offices, the mood and motivation levels of employees, that work all day in offices and call centres, begin to suffer. Illnesses and dwindling motivation, brought on by dry air, can easily be put a stop to – with purpose-made humidification!  With Trotec’s humidifiers and air washers you can create a great climate in the office and call centres at the touch of a button, so that employees can breathe easily again and concentrate on their work. What’s more, the number of sick days will increasingly be reduced.

Some people spend more time at the office than with their friends or family. Particularly in these cases a good working climate is essential, otherwise the employee’s motivation will soon disappear. In open-plan offices and call centres employees are particularly under strain. When all is said and done a high level of noise and the distraction of what those around you are doing often wears you down.  For this reason mutual respect should be a top priority. However, offices where lots of people work present another major problem. And this problem is, quite literally, in the air. The air humidity is too low, and this reduces physical comfort. The mucous membrane dries out and becomes irritated, eyes water and skin begins to itch. Furthermore, exposure to dry air over long periods of time can lead to respiratory illnesses. Often hoarseness, a general feeling of being unwell accompanied perhaps by a stubborn tickling in the throat are the first signs of an infection. Moreover, viruses live longer and spread more quickly in dry air. As a general rule: Where air is dry, motivation is low and illnesses have an open playing field.

Breathe easy

Employees are only willing to work hard and give their best in a good working environment where they feel mentally and physically comfortable. With this in mind, in open-plan offices it’s a good idea to make sure that air humidity levels are always well-balanced. Which, by the way, is not only good for the employees. The employer’s number of sick days will also go down. Whether air humidity is perceived as comfortable or not is very personal, therefore air-conditioning in offices should be set at between 50 and 60 percent.  This will be in the comfort zone of the majority of employees. In order to be able to ensure a good level of air humidity, it is a good idea to bring modern technology on board. The Trotec Group has a variety of evaporation humidifiers and air washers in its range. This means that you can kill two birds with one stone: In open-plan offices and in call centres a pleasant working climate can be created at the touch of a button, so that employees can feel comfortable and are able to concentrate on their work. In addition, the air is cleansed and freshened.

A model suitable for every office

Of course during periods when dry air is a problem in the office, using a humidifier is highly advisable.  But also during the summer months Trotec’s effective devices provide a valuable service and by using the evaporation cooling effect you can moderate the summer heat. Trotec’s humidifiers are available in various designs. Whatever your room size and whatever your requirements Trotec have the right machine for you. The mobile evaporation humidifiers can be installed and connected in a matter of seconds. The only thing left to do is enter the desired air humidity level and let comfortable humidity levels begin! You don’t need to do anything other than fill up the water tank from time to time because the hygrostat-controlled humidifier automatically regulates its own operation. Trotec’s humidifiers work using the evaporation principle which means that there is no limescale build-up or condensate formation. The compact B 25 E is a good model for humidifying smaller rooms. It releases 8.4 litres of water a day and can humidify spaces of up to 24 m² in no time at all. The B 500 Radio is particularly modern and powerful. It releases 60 litres into the surrounding air and has lots of modern additional features. The flexible and radio-controlled humidifier is ideal for humidifying offices with volumes of up to 1050 cubic meters. All models: As well as providing reliable and effective humidification they also filter the air. The built-in filter removes dust and other air-borne particles from the air leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh air.

Smaller offices and treatment rooms

It is not only important in open-plan offices and call centres for employees to feel comfortable. Efficiency in the work place and a comfortable climate should also be the norm in smaller areas, such as offices or surgery treatment rooms. This is where Trotec’s compact, modern air washers from the AW-S series come into play. The AW 10 S has an appealing design and fits visually into any space with modern furnishings. This small effective device draws in the air and channels it past rotating humidifier disks humidifying it. In no time at all the room will have a pleasant humidity and dirt particles, such as pollen, hair and dust will be a thing of the past.

The portal for your humidifier

Regardless of whether you have decided on our humidifier or on our air washer, an overview of all models is available in the Trotec online shop. Where, with a few simple clicks you can find your perfect model. Here’s a tip: The design humidifier B 25 E is currently available for the special price of £35.80 instead of £71.65. The air washer AW 10 is also on offer – for £159.26 instead of £238.92.

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