New – professional Fog and Flue Gas Simulator FS200

tro_blog_banner_fs200_enThe device u see right handed is a simple disco nebulizer. It works simply via gas pressure, which results by evaporation expansion of the fluid in the heating chamber. If the gas pressure gets too high, a valve opens and the fog is released. The Trotec device at the left hand of the picture amounts almost the hundred fold! Many times our sales staff hears the same question: what justifies the enormous difference in prices?

It depends on the turbine!

Instead of the cheap nebulizer the Fog and Flue Gas Simulator FS200 has a build in Turbine. This achieves an appropriate distribution through a speed depending pressure. Because whenever there is a need of counter pressure at leak detection in pipeline systems and at flat roof design, it is impossible not to think about a nebulizer with a turbine.

Exactly for these or similar applications the successor of the FS1000 is intended – available soon the new FS 200 in typical Trotec design. This professional Fog and Flue Gas Simulator made of quality manufacturing in Germany is the most compact and lightest device in its performance class. One reason is the extreme space saving arrangement of the nebulizer, the high performance turbine as well as the required controller unit for a harmonic interaction between nebulizer and turbine – all this makes the price difference of the “cheap” nebulizer and our professional aggregates.

Four of many benefits that I like the most:

  • Professional quality “made in Germany” from original Trotec manufacture
  • The extreme strong and stepless controllable blower turbine
  • The extra dense white smoke on basis of the stepless adjustable fluid pump
  • The intelligent performance coupling of turbine, heating and pump for constant and several minutes of dense fog production without post heating caused interruption.

Designed from professionals for professionals

Here you will find comprehensive information to the professional Fog and Flue Gas Simulator FS200.

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