Dehumidifer TTK 75 E available again

TTK 75 E

Finally! The smaller the device, the higher the demand. Thereby this dehumidifier has a lot more to offer, besides the compact size: it convinces with strong performance, is quiet, highly simple and stays in the background. And best is – it has a fantastic price! So, finally back: the Dehumidifier TTK 75 E!

Top Class – as ever!

No matter if you need the TTK 75 E for keeping dry living rooms, offices, sanitary spaces or cellars up to 45 m², this dehumidifier does a great job. Because it disposes about a particular quiet but high performing fan, which supplies a big amount of air to the condenser to dehumidify. With a dehumidification performance of 20 litres per day it is the ideal solution for drying indoors with large volume.

That’s how it works

With a turn of the integrated hygrostat you can choose the desired humidity. As soon as the humidity is reached the compressor independently switches off. Vice versa the device activates automatically exceeding the value. As a matter of course the TTK 75 E is usable at continuous operation. Extremely important: the integrated extern condensate drain. That makes a permanent operation possible, for example at holiday homes, because the condensate is discharged directly by a condensate drain. The level indicator and the overflow protection with automatic switch off makes the TTK 75 E perfect for a comfortable use.

Four of many benefits, I like the most:

  • The automatic hygrostat controlled dehumidification
  • The high air circulating dehumidification performance
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy handling

Order now

Before the others are first. You better order today the TTK 75 E at our Trotec shop – for only 139.94 € instead of 219.95 € incl. VAT.

4 thoughts to “Dehumidifer TTK 75 E available again”

  1. Hi, how to set-up the TTK 75e for continuous operation?
    I have removed the drain plug in the back and connected a hose, but the water still flow in the bucket ! Why ?

  2. Melanie thank you, i will check . No other operations than removing the drain plug anf connecting a hose are required ?

    1. If you did that and the water still flows into the water tank there might be a production or material fault and you should let it get checked at a whorkshop.
      Regards, Melanie

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